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Classes at suryalila

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Classes at Suryalila

Yoga is the beating heart of Suryalila. For us, yoga is much more than the physical practice. It is an entire life philosophy. Yoga is a mind, body and spirit connection which creates positive ripple effects in all aspects of life long after stepping off the mat. 

We believe that our natural state is one of happiness, and when we nurture a holistic yogic lifestyle, it can help us to embody our true joyful essence. 


Yoga gently encourages us to live life from an open heart space filled with compassion, kindness, gratitude and love. Yoga helps us to understand that we are whole, complete and limitless exactly as we are. During our artfully curated 90 minute yoga classes, our teachers embody this nurturing spirit of yoga, and create a safe nurturing space to help you to relax, replenish and reconnect with yourself. 

Our Classes

Our Classes

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