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Cacao Ceremony

Discover the sacred art of cocoa rituals at Suryalila!

Ceremonial Cacao is more than chocolate. It is a sacred plant medicine derived from the Theobroma tree (Theo: God; Broma: Food). It is cherished by ancient cultures for its deep cultural and spiritual meaning.

Unlike commercial chocolate, our ceremonial cacao is minimally processed, retaining its natural properties and energising quality. It's a real superfood rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more than 300 components that improve our full body function. 

An authentic boost for your brain and mood, ceremonial cacao has natural components that stimulate the brain to release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, resulting in more focus, self-awareness, clarity, positivity and happiness.


Also, as a cardiovascular stimulator, improves the blood flow, reduces the blood pressure, and improves the heart function, being known as “heart-opening” medicine.


Our passionate facilitator, Sara, who had the profound opportunity to learn directly from the Tzutujil, a Mayan tribe from Guatemala, offers a safe space for deep connection, self-discovery and healing. An inside journey, allowing the energy of the sacred Cacao to awaken your heart, mind and body.


Combined with beautiful mindful space, intentional sharing circle, journaling, music medicine, movement, meditation, and more, you will be supported and guided to connect deeply with your true nature, where your essence lives.


 Each gathering is unique. Each of us have unique energies and the ceremony will reflect, flow and integrate all of them, aligned with the Mayan Calendar day energies. 

Join us! And discover the profound effects of this gentle medicine plant, the inner growth, healing and transformation through the ancient tradition of the cacao ceremony

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