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natural ways to boost your immune system

Here founder and director of our beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre is sharing her secrets to avoid colds and staying healthy:

Daily Routine

First of all I am not a doctor but I have taken a lifelong interest in alternative medicine and healthy living and have been blessed with radiantly good health as a result.

On a regular basis to support my immune system I take the following good qualities supplements:

Vitamin C

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin D



I use a neti pot every morning and evening to cleanse the nostrils with salt water, and also a tongue scraper to clean any sludge from my tongue.

My natural cold prevention remedy...

When I feel the first tell-tale signs of a cold coming on, anything from feeling a little sniffly, suddenly exhausted or having slightly scratchy throat, I immediately implement my stopping a cold in it’s tracks strategy! Nine times out of ten it works.

  • First take these additional supplements: Yin Chiao: A Chinese medicine that is commonly used at first sign of a cold and works miraculously! Take three times during the day. Source Naturals Wellness Formula: another truly amazing cold and flu prevention supplement that works wonders. Take three times during the day.

  • Double your intake of Zinc and Vitamin C spread throughout the day.

  • Take a few drops of Oregano oil in warm water.

  • Do a steam inhalation with a few drops of essential oil. Use Pine oil or Eucalyptus. Don’t use more than two drops otherwise it will be too strong to inhale.

Repeat once in the morning and once before bed.

Continue with neti and tongue scraping as well.

Gargle with salt water or with a few tablespoons of cider vinegar added to a glass of water in the morning an evening.

This may seem like quite an expense and also quite a lot of hassle, but it really doesn’t take quite as long as you’d think and nine times out of ten the oncoming cold or flu is knocked dead in its tracks by this regime. This saves you from a lot of discomfort and lost time. As a result of this protocol, I almost never get sick with colds and flu.

Stay well!

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