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Aligned Spirit Movement and Healing Retreat, June 2023

with TriYogi






Aligned Spirit Movement

A space to reconnect with your wildness, celebrate your power, give love to your bones and

The retreat connects you to yourself to harness alignment between your heart and your head. Sometimes despite all our best intentions, what we do and what we say don't match up. Or how we feel on the inside isn't what we express on the outside. During this retreat we build resilience through movement, meditation, breathwork, creativity, reflective practice, deep rest, self-enquiry and ceremony. This deeply supportive retreat will leave you feeling aligned, strong, empowered and lighter as you step into the next half of the year with purpose and grace. 

Align your Spirit

Join us to nurture connection and embrace the sacred soul within you. Harness the power of your heart and experience deep joy, fierce bliss, inner freedom and resounding balance. Tap into the innate tools within to empower yourself in a journey of healing and release. We build, grow and flow together at this inspired yoga space in the heart of Andalucia. A high-energy aesthetic space for your body, mind and soul to recharge.

As this retreat is being held by an external group, please visit their webpage for further details and bookings