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Alignment & Restore retreat

with Michelle






Alignment & Restore

Precision in alignment and an understanding of how to execute a pose harmoniously is the

basis for structural alignment, the overall health of the spine, holistic healing and longevity in

Yoga practice. Complete physical well-being, emotional and energetic alignment will be

addressed and explored. You will be guided in all postures and sessions with compassion and

clear instructions.

Our feet work constantly to ground, support and carry the body. We can start to align everything

from the feet: our roots. The human spine moves in two directions - the force of gravity (waist

down) makes it possible for us to extend the upper part of the spine (waist up). Come and learn

the true importance of your feet: The deeper your roots connect and penetrate into the ground -

the more aligned, straight and pain free you will stand.

The Morning and evening Yoga sessions will have a clear emphasis in wholesomeness and

alignment. Any ailments, pain, injuries and sensitivities will be addressed and nurtured

throughout the week. You will leave the retreat inspired and clear in your own self practice.

Michelle holds space authentically from her true passion for traditional Yoga, experiential

wisdom through silence and self enquiry on her personal awareness journey. She has been

teaching Yoga and Meditation for 15 years in various countries and continents, culminating all she

has witnessed, experienced and learned from a variety of conscious practices, healers and

Yoga Masters from India, the USA, South Africa and Europe. Michelle spent 8 years immersed

in India deepening her understanding of Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and the power of conscious

dance and movement. She has been holding space and doing hands on healing, reiki,

transformative bodywork and sacred ceremony for more than 20 years.

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