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Alignment , Space & Clarity Retreat

with Michelle Berrange






Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Thanks so much for your interest in this retreat!

This retreat is being organised BY AN EXTERNAL GROUP LEADER, you will need to go directly to their website for more information and to book. Click on the book now button above.

Treat yourself to a solid week full of ALIGNMENT, mindful movement, meditation, delicious gourmet food, natural beauty, holistic health and healing.

Come immerse your being in the most magnificent retreat setting in all of Europe with International

Yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner Michelle. A solid week full of mindful movement, Meditation,

delicious gourmet food, natural beauty, holistic health & healing, awareness based practices and

conscious community.

Michelle says "This retreat will focus on going deeper within through strong alignment work on every system in the body, to bring about space and clarity."

“Yoga is traditionally a mental science designed as an inward going process to increase awareness, eradicate attachments, inspire equanimity, freedom, peace and contentment. We use the postures to connect deeply with body sensations and observe mind volition. Authentic practice takes us inward. Conscious rest moves the system towards peacefulness and silence. This retreat will focus on going deeper within.”

Michelle Louise Berrange

Michelle has been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness full time since 2009. Her development as

both teacher and practitioner has drawn on experiential understanding, inspiration and numerous

conscious trainings and workshops from different styles of yoga for over 15 years.

She has attained RYT 200 Hour Certifications in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and 500 Hours in Level

1,2 & 3 Iyengar Yoga. She has completed Bikram, Yin and Restorative Yoga training as well as Forrest

Yoga Advanced 300 Hour TTC certification. She is a trained masseuse and Reiki Master since 2007 and

has completed 7 Vipassana silent meditations in India and Africa. Michelle connects deeply and

intuitively to the authentic Yoga principles of action and the quality of surrender, as well as the traditional philosophy and spirituality of Yoga.

Michelle is now based in Ireland and she teaches all over Europe. From 2013-2019 she was based

teaching and studying in India:- deepening her wisdom in the ancient healing therapies of Yoga, Massage, the study of Ayurveda and the power of Dance.

Retreat Includes

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • morning yoga / meditation session

  • afternoon restorative class

  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


All meals are served buffet style everyday. The food is gourmet Vegetarian and or Vegan and is

scrumptiously healthy. Fruit, Tea and Coffee is available in the dining hall 24 hours a day. A water filter

machine is always available in the main Dining room and in the Dome Yoga hall. There is a small Amrita

Cafe which sells Kombucha, Coconut water, chocolates, barista styled coffees and other cheeky treats if

you need something extra during your stay. Please note that only pant based milks are offered and no

sugar is used in any of the cooking.


All the Yoga spaces are equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, meditation cushions, cork blocks, blankets,

eye pillows and straps. All props are available to use throughout the retreat, so no need to bring your



One evening or early afternoon a sauna will be available. Bring your essential oils and enjoy the warmth

of the wooded fire in the natural Eco friendly Cobb Sauna.



A local Spanish Dance teacher will come after dinner one evening and offer a Flamenco Dance class in

the ‘Om Dome’ or Ganesha Shala. Ladies bring your favourite flowing skirt and gentleman a wild

colourful shirt!!


One afternoon or morning we will escape to the magnificent forest for a mindful walk along the Majestic

rive in El Bosque, which is about 20 minutes drive from Suryalila. Experience a guided walk along the

shady banks and then a cold dip in the natural rock pools and waterfalls from the mountains. The instant

benefits of cold water therapy surrounded by the absolute beauty of the natural terrain is a must!

(The Flamenco dance class and Forest walk are pre-arranged but are not included in the quoted price. A

variety of activities / excursions and tours are offered at a extra cost. Visit the list of extras on the

website page. Examples include Massage, horse riding, wine tours:)

Please note that all your TRANSPORT is not included in the quoted price. Closest airports are Seville and

Malaga. To secure your space a deposit amount is required upon booking.

Suryalila resort offers a wide variety of accommodation to suits everyone’s taste and or budget. A number of room types have been chosen and reserved specifically for this retreat - varying from

Glamping Yurts, a mini Dorm room to the Deluxe double with en suite or shared bathrooms. Choice either to share a double, dorm or twin room, OR if you prefer to have a room to yourself there is a price option for single occupancy. Prices start from €865 see the full price list here.

For further information or to book a place please contact Michelle Berrange:

Email -

Whatsapp - +353 857313810

Website -