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Biodanza Summer Retreat

with Biodanza






"Your dance is the voluptuous revelation of your most intimate mystery. Your personal version of the origin of the world."

Rolando Toro, creator of Biodanza

Biodanza is a human development system that stimulates the potentials of life.

Since 2017 we have been organizing these Biodanza retreats, with people from all over the world dancing together.

Our retreats are a six days journey, with progressive deepening, where each vivencia is connected to the next, and everybody in the group dances the same vivencias. This process promotes a way of reaching really profound vivencias, and harmonization, supported by the affective bonding amongst the participants. It's a process of personal transformation and a shared adventure.

And it all happens in connection and synergy to every aspect of the retreat, because we will enjoy meals together, laugh together, share wonderful moments, will have time to rest, and enjoy the beauty of nature and the surroundings… and feel the wonders and the powers of a deep journey of Biodanza.

This year’s theme is «Journey to the Source of Bliss».


17 - 22 August 2024

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