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Blissful Balance Retreat

Gem Hansen and Will Harrigan






Co-hosted by Gem Hansen and Will Harrigan. Making movement sacred, we will strengthen with morning practice and soften with evening practice, to cultivate a Blissful Balance that will uplift and inspire your return to our world.

Join us for six nights, seven heavenly days in sunny Andalusia for an immersion in yoga and well-being. We will meet the sunrise with morning meditation, followed by yoga asana practice in a fluid style. Healthy, wholesome breakfast is served and there's plenty of time to relax during the day, or swim in the eco pool. Lunch and dinner are included everyday, created with abundant local organic fruit and vegetables prepared with skill and love by international chefs including cold pressed olive oil harvested onsite. 


Meet for soothing, soporific practices in the evening, of restorative yoga, yin yoga or sound bath with crystal bowls. All mats and soft props are provided throughout. These sessions will explore both ultimate comfort and meditative states of mind. One night we will share twilight yoga nidra, exploring the realms between wake and sleep, to enter profound states of consciousness

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