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Escape Christmas Retreat, December 2023

with Vidya and Lidiya






Escape Christmas retreat 2023

Escape Christmas Retreat 2023

After last years epic retreat, we are delighted to annouce that we are ready to start taking bookings for this years award winning Escape Christmas retreat.

Skip the festive madness this year to join us in the sun kissed Spanish mountains for our Escape Christmas Retreat. Enjoy a week of fun-filled and relaxing time away from the Christmas hype. Nurture your body & mind with daily yoga classes, lovingly prepared vegetarian meals, guided meditations and a sound healing gong bath. 

Re-energise with stunning hikes, live music, a fun acro yoga workshop, fresh dips in our salt water pool and a lively kirtan session in the om Dome. 

Cuddle up by the fire with a hot chai latte from our Amirta Cafe as you get lost in a book or treat yourself to a massage with one of our specialised massage therapists.

Yoga Workshops and Classes – Superb Live Music – Festive Cuisine – Guided Meditations – Kirtan – Sound Healing Gong Bath – Mountain Walks – Games – Unforgettable Time – Quality Sleep Practices

Your day will start with an energising Vinyasa Flow Yoga class and end with a mellow style of yoga: Restorative Yoga, Yin yoga, guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra practices.

As part of the retreat, we will also go on a couple of stunning hikes, visit a local Spanish town, experience a healing gong bath session, enjoy a flamenco dancing class, exquisite live music and AcroYoga class.

We will also snuggle around a log-fire and watch movies.

relaxing yoga session in the dome


We will have daily home cooked organic meals prepared using local and seasonal ingredients. Warm up after a fresh walk with herbal teas or a speciality hot coffee, golden milk or chai from our cafe. 

There will be many delicious treats including mulled wine and Tofu Turkey prepared for our Christmas day feast. After our Christmas feast be tempted by a selection of cheeses, crackers, snacks and homemade desserts.

Yoga Sessions

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga (with a different focus every morning)

  • Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridians Workshops

  • Healing Sound Bath with Gongs

  • Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • Deeply Restorative Yoga Workshops

  • The Art of Pranayama (extension of the life force energy through breath work)

Our intention with this retreat is to:

  • Offer nurturing yoga practices that allow deep self-exploration

  • Celebrate with like minded group of people

  • Give you the tools to skilfully and safely advance your yoga practice

  • Holding a space where you can restore, rejuvenate and energise your body and mind

  • Grow or develop your self practice

  • Explore the local area and immerse in nature

Optional extras: Horse riding, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, fresh cold pressed juices and hot drinks from the Amrita Cafe, transfer from and to the airport.

The highlights of the week include...

🌞 Dharma talks and yoga

🌞 Deep restorative and invigorating yoga practices and hiking

🌞 Breathwork & cold plunge sessions

🌞 Sacred singing and Gong Baths

🌞 Live classical Indian music

🌞 A permaculture tour

🌞 Authentic flamenco music

🌞 Epic live music and dancing

Not to mention sauna days, group games, creative writing, chats, and laughs. It was a jam-packed week full of inspiring practices and inspiring people. We are already looking forward to the Escape Christmas collaborations with local and international talents who make our 'Escape Christmas' retreat so special.

Retreat Leaders

Vidya is Suryalila’s and Frog Lotus Yoga International Director. Read more in Vidya's bio.

Lidiya is a resident teacher at the beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Southern Spain where she also leads Adventure & Yoga. Yoga has been a central part of Lidiya’s lifestyle since discovering the practice more than ten years ago.

Her yoga classes are vigorous and energising, and at the same time balanced with more gentle and calming sequences. Lidiya puts strong focus on breath work while drawing awareness within to inspire conscious integration of the physical body and the mind. She is an attentive teacher and aims to inspire her students to bring meditation into movement. Leading the practitioners with a feeling of strength, freedom and inner calm. Her classes usually end with singing bowls sound therapy.

Apart from vinyasa flow she teaches yin yoga, pranayama, restorative and AcroYoga classes.


The purpose of the morning class on the retreat is to awaken and  amplify your energy. You'll be inspired to bring meditation into  movement and feel powerful from within. Each day there will be a  particular focus depending on what you, as a group, will benefit  from the most. The perfect balance between strength, integrity of  breath, and alignment, this class will leave you brimming with  energy well after it has ended. 


Awakening to the power of conscious rest is the intention behind  each afternoon yoga session. These practices are big energy  regenerators and help you find sustainability in your life.  

You'll use various forms of props, and will experience sound therapy  to assist the body to fully release to gravity and to open to its own  rejuvenating powers. You will have the opportunity to find rest on all  levels while refining and settling your awareness into the present.  


These sessions can assist you in feeling mentally empowered and  alert, physically purified, and energetically vibrant and fully alive. 

During our retreat week you'll dive into in depth exploration of  various balancing, energising and soothing breathing practices. This  will help develop discipline, and enhance the quality and the  mobility of the life force (prana) within you. 

Pranayama is considered one of the most valuable tools that the  Yogic tradition offers to influence our mind. It sets the ground for  meditation, bringing us closer to our inner stillness and wisdom.  

Hopefully you'll be inspired to create a regular practice after the  retreat ends.


From Thursday December 21st

To Thursday December 28th

Escape Christmas 2023

The Schedule

Thursday 21st

5:30pm Unravel From Your Travel Yoga Practice to Ground and  Energise 

8:00pm Welcoming Circle and Introduction to the Retreat and Suryalila 

Friday 22nd  

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

11:30pm Hike in Grazalema Natural Reserve with picnic lunch

5:30pm Restorative Practices to Increase Breathing Capacity I and Boost The Immune System

8:15pm Sauna Session in the Eco Sauna (swimming suits  required) 

Saturday 23rd  

7:30am Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation 

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga  

12pm Invigorating Pranayama (Wim Hoff breath) followed by an invigorating cold swim in the pool with Liam *only  optional:)  

4:00pm Meditation Lecture and Practice 

5:30pm Restorative Practices for deep Rest and Rejuvenation 

8:30pm Movie Night: “Six Years in Search of Sanity”, Suryalila’s  story 

Sunday 24th  

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

12:30pm Dharma Talk: The Secret to True Happiness

5:30pm Restorative Practices with live Classical Indian Music

8:00pm Dancing to Live Fusion Music in the Dome with Saeed 

Monday 25th Christmas Day  

8:30am Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation 

9:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

*note the time change

12:00pm A walk to the local white village Prado Del Rey with a  view over the highest peak, el Torreon 

6:00pm Sound Healing and Gong Bath 

8:30pm Epic Live Band “The Strange Faces" 

Tuesday 26th  

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

12:00pm Group Games on the lawn 

2:30pm Permaculture Tour of Suryalila grounds

5:30pm Deep Restorative practices and Yoga Nidra 

8:30pm Sacred Singing with Thalien and Kate 

Wednesday 27th  

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

11:00am Planting Trees with Danyadara 

3:00pm Sauna Session in our beautiful Eco Sauna

5:30pm Yin Yoga and Closing Circle

Thursday 28th  

8:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Suryalila Teacher 

Departure anytime after breakfast. Your rooms should be freed by  11:00am, however you are very welcome to stay as long as you  would like to, sit by the pool, book a massage etc. Requesting lunch is also an option on this day.  

This is a estimated outline of our Escape Christmas schedule which is subject to change.