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Mind, Body, Breath: Mens Retreat, November 2023

with Liam Colfer






Mind, Body, Breath: Mens Retreat


We’re excited to host our first men‘s retreat, Mind, Body, Breath. Hosted by certified Breathwork Instructor and Mobility Coach, Liam Colfer, you'll be taken on an incredible journey learning how to harness the power of your breath to release stress, relax and restore and build physical and mental strength made for men of every age and condition.

Expect adventures, challenges, live music, delicious food, plenty of belly laughs and bonding as you embark on a week filled with profound Breathwork sessions, yoga classes, cold water swims, mountain hikes, strength, resistance and mobility training, live music around the bonfire and lots more of Suryalila’s transformative magic.

They’ll be plenty of down time too thanks to our nourishing Yin yoga classes, relaxing pool time, and chilling in the sunshine. This retreat promises to leave you feeling energised, invigorated and clear-headed equipped with a tool-kit of self care practices to help you through life‘s ups and downs.


  • Daily yoga classes and breath-work sessions

  • Gym sessions in Prado del Rey

  • River walk and swim

  • Hiking in Sierra de Grazalema

  • A trip to the local pub

  • Breathwork sessions

  • An ice bath!

  • Bonfire and live music night in starlight

  • Use of Suryalila's saltwater swimming pool and facilities

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • Sauna night

  • Daily protein shakes

  • Delicious organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day

  • pH testing at the beginning and end of the retreat

  • mouth tape supplied for anybody who wants to give it a try for incredibly deep and restful sleeps


This retreat for men is suitable for all levels including beginners and anyone needing a nurturing getaway in nature. Stay in Suryalila's beautiful retreat centre nestled in the Spanish mountains on the edge of the awe-inspiring Sierra de Grazalema National Park. Enjoy a variety of movement and breathwork sessions and hikes in nature.

One of the wellness activities you’ll enjoy is a guided hike up El Torreon; the highest peak in the Sierra de Grazalema and a walk in our favourite spot – along the banks of the flowing Majaceite river in El Bosque. We will follow the beautiful river trail under a canopy of trees before stopping off in one of the inviting natural rock pools filled with pure mountain water for a revitalizing cold dip. Afterward, we make our way back to the village of Benamahoma for a pint in the local bar.

In your free time, you can chill by the salt water pool, book a massage, or wander around the beautiful grounds and surroundings of Suryalila.

Additional activities such as horse riding and massage are available at an extra cost (subject to availability).


  • Improve your flexibility and mobility

  • All over body strength

  • Develop deeper body awareness

  • Correct postural misalignments and prevent injuries

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve digestion

  • Enhance brain function and mental clarity

  • Sleep better

  • Increased energy and focus

The Activities


This is a half-day hike of just over 6km in total and it takes about 3 hours to complete the round trip. It requires a medium level of fitness to complete. El Torreón is the highest peak in Sierra de Grazalema and the 360´ views from the summit overlook the mountains, valleys and the white villages of Andalusia. On a clear day, views can extend even as far as Africa! Early Spring is the perfect time to explore Sierra de Grazalema when the mountain are covered in lush green vistas and colourful flowers.

About Liam

Liam grew up on the Hook Peninsula in the south east corner of Ireland. He spent most of his life building boats and houses as well as maintaining helicopters and lighthouses both in Ireland, throughout Europe and Australia. He has always been passionate about sustainability and working with the Earth’s natural cycles and combines all the knowledge and inspiration that he has picked up from the places he has traveled to and from the unique and wonderful projects he has worked on in Ireland and in Spain gaining a wealth of knowledge from his studies in medieval architecture and from his years of travelling, living off grid and studying ancient builds and learning new techniques.

Liam has been studying breath work for the past seven years and is a yoga alliance certified breath coach. Realising the power of the breath he teaches conscious breath work as well as mobility and fascia training. His teaching style is in the Irish tradition, passing on knowledge through music, stories and a bit of craic. He brings his creative energy into every class and inspires others to take the plunge and deepen their practice.

Always curious about the mechanics of the body and how the body works, Liam discovered breath work and tapped into a whole new world and he believes everyone should learn how to tap into their body and mind through breath work which can alleviate every day life stresses, grief, trauma, anxiety, boosts your energy and know how to control your body and mind by simply breathing. Liam has studied the ancient techiques of pranayama in yoga as well as the techniques and works of modern masters and he is a certified yoga breath-work instructor with the International Yoga Alliance and an Advanced Oxygen Advantage breath instructor.

No matter where you are with physical health, this retreat is open to any guy interested in living a long, healthy, happy life.



Sunday 19th - Saturday 25th November, 2023

Mens Retreat schedule

Mind, Body, Breath: Men's Retreat                          

19 November -  25 November 2023

Sunday 19th

5:30pm Unravel from your travel mobility and breathwork with Liam

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Welcome meeting with Liam

Monday 20th

8:00am Yoga class with Vidya to heal, detox and strengthen the body and subtle energies inside 

9:30am Breakfast with a protein smoothie

11:00am A tour of the eco building projects with Liam, some of which Liam has worked on here at Suryalila over the years 

1:30pm Lunch

5:00pm Self myofacial release techniques. a roll and relax ball rolling and breath-work class led by Liam followed by a plunge in an ice bath!

7pm Dinner

Tuesday 21st

8:00am Breathwork with Liam followed by a cold dip in the pool

9:30am Breakfast with a protein smoothie

11:00am Gym session in Prado del Rey

1:30pm Lunch

5:30pm Yin Yoga with Suryalila teachers

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Sauna night

Wednesday 22nd

8:00am Yoga class focussed on the male body with Niamh to release tension in the hips, hamstrings and lower back using a variety of mobility focussed movements and PNF stress / release techniques to expand your ranges of motion

9:30am Breakfast with a protein smoothie

11am A guided hike up El Torreon with a packed lunch followed by a beer in the charming village of Benamahoma

7:00pm Dinner

Thursday 23rd

8:00am Breathwork with Liam followed by a cold dip in the pool

9:30am Breakfast with a protein smoothie

11:00am Gym session in Prado del Rey

1:30pm Lunch

5:30pm Yin Yoga with Suryalila teachers

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Sauna night

Friday 24th

8:00am Breathwork with Liam followed by a cold dip in the pool

9:30am Breakfast with a protein smoothie

11:00am Gym Session in Prado del Rey

1:30pm Lunch

5:30pm Yin Yoga with Suryalila teachers

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Bonfire night with live music & a beer 

Saturday 25th

8:00am Morning Yoga with Suryalila teachers

9:30am Breakfast

11:00am Maybe a last dip in the pool before you go

Checkouts throughout the morning

Reviews from our last mens retreats...

"It is said everyman has 2 lives, the moment he realises he has only one life to live the second life begins.The men's retreat here will honour you with time spent in a timeless way.You'll be introduced and given access to the tools of breath work that were once the preserve of mystics and yogis.This will help you dive into a meditative yet focused awareness that will draw you into ice water immersion as if it were rekindling a lost and almost forgotten kinship.You will share with other menStories of your life, a mountain hike, tips to grow with, insights and only feel supported.Foods of the rainbow that will nourish and delight you made with Love.The venue is world class and as such are the teachers and staff.The deep tissue massage I had by Becky was second to none.In particular the organiser and breathwork teacher Liam: you will never meet a kinder, more down to earth and hard working man who looks after everyone like family along with Niamh who is a spellbindingly accomplished teacher her myofascial yoga class is another game changer.Finally the head chef Gemma whose food was the healthiest and tastiest I have ever been privileged to experienced(she has written/co-authored a suryalila cookbook)This men's retreat didn't just meet my expectations it exceeded my imagination." - Waris Patel

"What memories are made of...Loved it! Every moment and every bit of it! The wonderful embrace of knowledgeable and openminded people, the serenity of the place, the laughter, the fine timeless moments by the campfire. The challenging exercises, helping me realise that I can do it and that the mind puts barriers where none exist.Liam is amazing and I highly recommend spending a week with him. As he said:"Everything is optional!"I would add: Time itself too! Time and ego dissolved as the spirit rose, the mind awakened and the body strengthened!Best 7 days I've spent in years!" - Krass

"I got home three days ago from Liam's retreat at Suryalila in the deep south of Spain and am still awash with the experience and energy of being with a band of random pilgrims revealing their strengths & vulnerabilities one by one.The location is at the crossroads of nowhere & now; a perfectly planned environment to relax & slide out of your comfort zone into Liam's program of breath awareness & brotherhood.This exotic oasis of Asian & Indian details set in the undulating dune-like hills of Andalucia vibrates with an irresistible tranquility & openness, which Liam transmits effortlessly with some hard work & lots of mirth."We're almost there" & "everything is optional" may not seem like profound mantras, but in the context of our experience, they will resonant for some time to come. Without a doubt I will return to the middle of nowhere & give Liam un abrazo muy fuerte!Muchas gracias hermano!!" - Brent MacKay