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Relax & Restore Retreat, December 2023

with Ellen Aarts






Relax & Restore Retreat, December 2023

If are looking for a retreat that offers you healing guidance and tools and techniques in how to therapeutically relax and relieve tensions, you may consider the Relax & Restore retreat here at Suryalila with Ellen Aarts. Ellen is a former journalist and ex manager from the corporate insurance world and after experiencing a severe, traumatic life event, burn-out and PTSD she devoted herself to knowing everything there is to know about calming and recovering the nervous system, the brain and body, relieving tensions and healing from anxiety, trauma and deep emotional tensions. She is a skilled and devoted yogi and teacher. The program contains meditation, yoga nidra, deep yin yoga and restorative yoga, workshops and coaching. For anyone who is in need of deep, professional and conscious relaxation, who wants to learn practices and tools that promote mental, physical and emotional well-being, seeking inspiration and a deeper (re)connection with themselves, this retreat is a recommendation. Ellen is a coach, certified yoga and yoga nidra therapist, meditation teacher, Yin yoga teacher and certified Reiki healer.

As it is being organised by an external group leader you will need to go directly to their website for more information and to book. Click on the 'book now' button.