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Six Senses Retreat, October 2023

with Henry and Karli






Six Senses Retreat

The daily yoga program will begin with an expansive vinyasa practice and meditation. The afternoon classes will consist of either sensory yin, restorative or a deep dive workshop. In addition to the yoga program there are ample opportunities for hiking in the area or relaxing on the retreat center grounds. We will also be taking a day trip one day to the coastal town of Cadiz to catch a little ocean air.

Karli and Henry are vibe seekers at heart, and though they are looking forward to sharing their knowledge, they are just as excited to hang by the pool and get to know the group. In this beautiful setting, with our practice to guide us, we're pretty sure it will be easy to tune out of normal life and drop into the present moment by deeply connecting to our six senses.

If you have any questions or want to express interest in joining, email us at

For more booking info we would like to send them to Karli's retreat page which is