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Sizzling Summer Yoga Retreat

with Carl Faure






Find freedom and flow on our full-spectrum, deep-dive yoga retreat with Senior Yoga Teacher Carl Faure this summer.

Allow the Spanish sun to warm your bones, soothe your soul and restore your energy, while the practices create a delicious sense of freedom, self-intimacy and joy in your body.  Led by experienced Senior yoga teacher and Teacher-Trainer Carl, this retreat offers a broad spectrum of yoga practices suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga teachers alike.  Deep, somatic, energetic morning yoga classes, diving into healing breath-work, nourishing movement and winding down with restorative evening practices. This a time to strengthen yet relax deeply, to escape the world but with plenty of fun and connection along the way. This is an opportunity to learn something, expand your practice to new levels whilst also having a great holiday in the summer sunshine! 


Join us 10 - 17 August, 2024

This retreat is suitable for all yoga levels, including beginners, yet would suit existing yoga teachers and strong practitioners looking to develop their skills and teaching, drawing on Carl’s 18 years of experience in Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, Scaravelli, Iyengar, plus Movement and locomotion training. Stay in Suryalila's beautiful retreat centre nestled in the Spanish mountains on the edge of the awe-inspiring Sierra de Grazalema National Park. Delight in delicious organic meals prepared with local, seasonal ingredients, and indulge in afternoon siestas in softly swaying hammocks as the sun warms your shoulders.

Meet Carl

From founding the inimitable, pioneering yoga studio Stretch in East London in 2012 and growing favourite boutique wellness event Exhale Festival; Carl has been at the cutting-edge of developing yoga, movement and well-being practices for the last 15 years. A yoga teacher-trainer at the highest possible level and an experienced breath-work facilitator, Carl has worked with hundreds of well-being professionals to help them up-skill for their own clients and nourish themselves in the process.

Having trained many yoga teachers at a foundation and advanced level, Carl began to specialise in helping private individuals to nurture personal challenges such as hip-replacement, loss of balance, cancer recovery and severe scoliosis; whilst also working with those who want to effectively manage their layers of grief, anxiety and frustration.

As a teacher Carl enjoys combining his knowledge of ancient yoga with modern movement practises including calisthenics, kettlebells and rope-flow.  His holistic approach synthesises breath-work, somatic self-directed inquiry, and intuitive coaching.

Initially training under the watchful eye of Suryalila founder and his personal friend and mentor, Vidya Heisel, Carl has 18 years of teaching experience with multiple trainings in Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar and Scaravelli inspired styles.  A teacher trainer himself for the last 10 years, Carl has a natural gift in helping others bring kind awareness and focussed intention to their practise. Trauma informed, yet light and playful. Classes leave students fully relaxed, inspired and curious to learn more.

Having trained under the incredible Nicola Price of Inspirational Breathing, Carl is an experienced Breath-worker for groups and individuals, (including children 6 years upwards) Carl is an advocate of responsible Breathwork - only manipulating breath once a full-flow, full-body breath is firmly established. Carl recognises the importance of follow-up care with such a transformative and potentially evocavative practice.

Carl has also developed his own style of movement and locomotive training called ‘Rotational Training’. A proven concept and a delight for clients and their Osteopaths/Physio’s alike. Based around the rotational/spiral nature of human locomotion, prioritising joint articulation, progressive loading, scapular integrity, sense of space and touch and the importance of bones and fascia in movement as well as muscle - Rotation uses everything from Yoga mats to Rolling Ropes, Gymnastic Rings, Kettlebells, boxes, natural structures and the Mace.

Retreat Highlights:

  • Morning Yoga and Movement Classes: Modern, mixed discipline yoga practices tailed for the individual in a group setting - Inspirational, strengthening and healing

  • Restorative Afternoon Sessions: With either deeply relaxing restorative yoga, Breathwork, inquiry or in combination, we honour the heat of the summer sun and use this afternoon time to deeply unwind

  • Breathwork Session: Trained in the inimitable Inspirational Breathing approach Carl brings a conscious, trauma-informed and safe Breathwork practice.

  • Use of Suryalila's Saltwater Swimming Pool and Facilities: Enjoy leisurely swims in Suryalila's refreshing saltwater pool and make use of the centre’s facilities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

When you are not enjoying these experiences, allow the sun to kiss you at Suryalila's beautiful salt water pool, lazily read a book in a hammock, take a meandering horse ride, book a massage, or wander around the beautiful grounds and surroundings of Suryalila.


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