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Spring Detox & Immune Boosting Retreat

with Vidya and team Suryalila






Spring Detox & Immune Boosting Retreat

Yoga, Immune Boosting and Radiant Health Retreat 

Are you feeling tired, stressed and sluggish? Is your immune system struggling? Is your mind, body and soul hankering for a reset? If the answer is ‘YES’, then our Spring Yoga, Immune Boosting and Detox Retreat is for you. 

Join Suryalila Founder Vidya Heisel on this expertly created rejuvenating retreat where she will lovingly share her knowledge and passion for healthy living, nutrition and immune boosting practices to help you feel stronger, fitter and radiantly healthy from the inside out. 

Be nourished with daily creatively-designed yoga classes; calming meditations, pranayama and yoga nidra; revitalising hikes in the fresh mountain air; immune boosting cold water swims and insightful talks on nutrition and supplements guided by Vidya and her experienced team of yoga teachers and retreat hosts.

These wellness activities will be supported by three delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals a day, a freshly prepared vitamin-packed breakfast juice and a special workshop on how to make Golden Milk, a deliciously warming drink originating from India with health-boosting properties. 

Feel stresses and strains melt away in our beautiful surroundings filled with relaxing gardens, saltwater pool, softly swaying hammocks and mesmerising views over the Andalusian countryside all whilst being kissed by the Spanish sunshine. 

Leave glowing from top to toe along with immune-boosting goodies from our Shakti Boutique (including a Neti pot and tongue scraper - amazing for flushing out bacteria and viruses - and circulation-enhancing body brush) to continue supporting you in your immune boosting routine. 

Suggestion: Device and internet detox recommended if possible. 


April 29th to May 6th, 2023