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Spring Reset Retreat

with Kate Finn, Liam and Niamh Colfer






Yin Yang Reset Retreat

This retreat is all about renewal, self care and emergence filling you with lightness, vitality and inner peace. It’s about finding space to explore and match your energy to your goals allowing you to expand into your potential creating life balance moving into Spring. Expect deep yoga flows, breath work, plus yin yoga and relaxation.

Join us for a week of magic at Suryalila; a retreat designed to inspire you to cultivate balance in your life. This retreat provides space to explore and match your energy to your goals. Expect deep delicious Yoga flows, breath work, plus grounding down with yin yoga and relaxation. Internalise the senses through deep embodiment yoga practices working from the ground up, guided breathing practices to connect to your inner world, yin yoga to observe the shifts in energy within and music to match the rhythm of life that you seek. All this deeper work will be balanced with some free time to enjoy the extra offerings at Suryalila as well lighthearted fun and entertainment for the senses from live music sessions to visits to some of our favourite Andalusian places.

Our yoga classes are based on functional movement. We understand most people coming to retreats have busy lives and full time jobs. We incorporate myofascial release. We help you understand why it’s good to move the body in certain ways that yoga provides. Slowing things down doesn’t necessarily make it easier but allows us time to feel what’s happening in the body and integrate intelligent habits of movement and alignment. The classes are accessible to all bodies, ages and abilities even if you’re a progressive student of yoga you will be offered variations to go deeper and if you’re starting out with a yoga practice or have any injuries you will be fully supported to suit your needs. 

As lovers of life and vitality nothing brings us more joy to share ways that enable anyone to experience life more fully. To walk taller, breath deeper and not have worries and stresses constantly niggling. Every morning will have a different focus, spinal awareness, side-body tune up, heart and lungs expansion and the meaning of Bhakti. Finding my seat, the centre of power and stability.... to name a few. 

The Highlights:

Guided meditations and breath work 

Chanting workshops with the unfoldment of the sacred mantras. 

Live music from local talents and a fusion of the Irish and Andalusian. 

Strength and mobility classes. 

As this retreat is being organised by an external group leader you will need to go directly to their website for more information and to book. Click on the book now button above.

Thanks so much for your interest in this retreat! As it is being organised by an external group leader you will need to go directly to their website for more information and to book. Click on the book now button above.



Saturday 15th April – Welcome.

Arrival Day, Settling into the flow and getting to know you

5.30pm Unravel from your travel practice in the dome with

7pm Dinner

8pm Welcome meeting and introduction to the retreat with Kate and Niamh


Sunday 16th April – Connecting to your roots and working from the ground up

8am A grounding feel at home in your body yoga practice connecting to the Earth element within

9:30am Breakfast

11am A guided walking meditation exploring the grounds of Suryalila

1.30pm Lunch

3pm A tour of the permaculture project with Emilio and plant your own seed for the Danyadara project

5pm Yin Yoga

7pm Dinner


Monday 17th April – Entering into the watery realm and working with the new moon in Pisces

8am A vinyasa flow full of hip opening postures

9.30am BreakfastFree Time

1.30pm Lunch

3pm Hike from El Bosque to Benamahoma stopping along the way for a guided breathing practise with Liam and an optional dip in the river

5.30pm Restorative Yoga with a Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm New Moon meditation and ritual in the moon shala


Tuesday 18th April – Unlocking fluid vitality to step into your power and potential

8am Kundalini Yoga

11:30am Strength and Mobility Class

1.30pm LunchFree Time

5.00pm Myo Yin Yoga

7pm Dinner

8pm Sauna and Pool night


Wednesday 19th April – Into the sails of the lungs and the ocean of the heart using the breath to guide your way

8am A heart focused vinyasa class

11am Breathwork with Liam followed by a cold swim in the salt water pool

1.30pm LunchFree Time or head off on a trip to the Feria de Abril in Seville to enjoy the festivities

5.30pm Restorative Class with Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm Movie Night, snuggle up in the Ganesha hall for movie night


Thursday 20th April – Softening the throat, find and listen for your voice where prana and sound unite

8am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

9:30am Breakfast

11am Chanting Workshop with Kate

1.30pm Lunch

3pm Free Time or join us for a hike to the Irish pub in the local village Prado del Rey for a pint and live music

7pm Dinner


Friday 21st April – Assimilating the weeks practices and absorbing the mind in the heart to reach sattva

8am An introspective embodiment slow flow vinyasa practise

11am Crafting Circle

1.30pm Lunch

5.30pm Restorative Class with Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm Yoga Nidra in the moon shala


Saturday 22nd April – Check out day, join us for one more blissful and celebratory morning class before breakfast

8am Let’s have fun with Vinyasa Flow

9:30am Breakfast

11am Dip in the pool

Departures throughout the morning