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Vibrant Spirit: Easter Retreat in Andalusia

with Malwa & Juliette






Join us for a transformative journey of mind, body, and spirit – where growth meets joy! Blossom into a new version of yourself through movement, workshops, breath work, meditation, inspiring talks, and nourishing, wholesome meals. Shed the winter heaviness and embrace the lightness of a fresh start. Dive into the heart of yoga, embrace the warmth of Andalusian sun, and let your spirit 'sprout' anew. Our intention is to awaken your deepest hearts desire so that when you return home, you are able to pour from the inside out your passion and purpose with your outer world.

As this retreat is being organised by an external group, please get in touch with them direct with enquiries and bookings by clicking the BOOK NOW button below


Vibrant Spirit: Easter Retreat in Andalusia

March 28th - April 2nd 2024