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Growing Green Dreams at Danyadara; Check out our non-profit permaculture farm that is on a mission to reverse desertification in Andalusia

Danyadara is our non-profit organisation run by our dedicated team focussed on reversing desertification through knowledgeable application of sustainable farming systems.


Desertification is a devestating phenomenon for humans and wildlife, without action, life as we know it could change significantly in a short space of time. By cultivating an abundant food forest on our grounds, we are demonstrating how to generate healthy soil and provide a cost-effective model for local farmers to employ and reinvest in their farms.


Danyadara’s mission is to reverse desertification in Andalusia by recreating the forest-agriculture mosaics that promote soil health and species diversity with projects aimed at preventing bare ground, improving water stewardship, increasing carbon sequestration and educating about regenerative agriculture methods.

We offer a weekly tour of the site to all our guests so we can show you first hand the impact of the work we are doing here.

While Suryalila supports Danyadara to the best of our ability, we also rely on the generosity of supporters like you to continue this essential work. Your donations play a crucial role in sustaining and expanding our reforestation efforts.

Help us keep planting and nurturing our blessed earth

At Suryalila, we are proud to be the home of Danyadara, meaning "blessed earth." This NGO permaculture project is focused on reforesting and regenerating depleted land, contributing to sustainability and growth.
Danyadara has already planted approximately 10,000 trees, and we're excited to witness these saplings as they grow into a flourishing forest. 



Take the taste of Andalusia into your kitchen with our very own organic olive oil. Our extra virgin olive oil processed straight from the olive grove beats any supermarket olive oil you can buy!

Treat youself or buy as the perfect gift for friends and family. All proceeds are donated back into our non-profit land regeneration project!

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