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permaculture Farm

Danyadara (meaning blessed Earth) is a non-profit organisation composed  of our farm manager Emilio, our Admin Manager, Enrico and a few permaculture interns, focusing on reversing desertification through knowledgeable application of sustainable farming systems. By cultivating an abundant food forest on our grounds, we are demonstrating how to generate healthy soil and provide a cost-effective model for local farmers to employ in order to reinvest in their farms.


Danyadara’s mission is to reverse desertification in Andalusia by recreating the forest-agriculture mosaics necessary to promote soil health and species diversity with projects aimed at preventing bare ground, improving water stewardship, increasing carbon sequestration and educating about regenerative agriculture methods.


Danyadara also hosts Permaculture Design Courses in English and in Spanish, as well as having shorter “Living a Sustainable Life” courses.

Every week we offer a tour of our grounds to our guests so we can explain the work we are doing here.

A non-profit permaculture farm on a mission to green the desert through land regeneration

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