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5 powerful tips to grow your business by Catherine Gallagher

FLY teacher Catherine Gallagher is the founder, creator, and visionary behind the Empower Programme and the Empower Yoga Method. Through spiritual business mentorship and yogic embodiment practices, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to embody entrepreneurial excellence and abundance whilst providing exceptional service to their communities.

Here, Catherine shares her five most empowering tips for your spiritual business. She says:

1. Honour the Yamas and the Niyamas

These philosophical teachings hold the key not only for our everyday life, but for our spiritual businesses too! It's never too late to learn more on how to embody these sacred vows and observances within your business.

2. Prioritise rest!

As a radical act, let’s normalise rest in business… please! For sustainability and longevity in business, it’s essential to fuel yourself and nourish yourself to have the energy and inspiration to hold others vs falling into paralysis or burnout. Let’s make a start together – Entrepreneurs, let's set aside 90 minutes this week (in what would usually be your working hours) to practice radical rest, maybe with a Yin or restorative Yoga class? This beautiful gentle practice hopefully serves you as much as it has me – discovering restorative yoga has been absolutely life changing for me – more on that another time!

3. Keep it simple!

Beat the overwhelm so you feel comfort, steadiness and ease – Sthira Sukham Asanam! Try simplifying your to-do list – half it and then half it again. I try not to have more than 3 things on mine a day and within that those 3:

  • A money making activity for cash flow – like invoicing, securing a sale on retreat or yoga subscription

  • A juicy piece like developing a piece of content

  • A priority for that day – a deliverable due for clients.

No more, no less.

4. Respect your business as a business.

Not a hobby and not a free for all with no boundaries in place. The free training will help you to develop your boundaries around your business, the way you like to work and when/how you will show up.

5. Trust and listen to your body

It holds your truth. You will know if a price feels right or an offer coming through is aligned with you depending on the feedback of your bodily sensations. If something feels icky or awkward trust it. If it’s a tingling excitement, go for it! I avoid burnout this way by listening into my body and giving myself permission to work the way that FEELS right and that’s EMPOWERING!

Catherine has been holding retreats and teacher trainings at Suryalila for several times. Along with other amazing Yoga teachers she is not only teaching high-class yoga sessions but also giving powerful advice and insights on life management in her retreats. Check out our calendar to find the perfect retreat for your needs.

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