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Pause and Recharge with poetry

From garden parties and picnics to fairs and festivals, summer time can be a social whirlwind. Same with winter and its busy Christmas time and the long draining dark days. In our busy lives all year around, it's always beneficial to take a pause to recharge and replenish with the soothing power of poetry. Here retreat host Charmaine Berg shares a poem she loves to read during yoga classes.

Let go of something (by Danna Faulds)

Let go of something, somewhere.

Use yoga to become aware,

to touch what lies beneath

the surface of the skin.

Is there tension longing

for release; a knot of

fear so deep and familiar

that you believe it's

part of who you are?

Ease into dark corners,

locked rooms, unexplored

hallways. Gain entry

not by force or will

but only by softness.

Enter on the wings of

breath, and turn the

key of self-acceptance

to let go of something,

somewhere. Charmaine is one of our retreat hosts who organises retreats on a regular basis here in Suryalila. If you are interested in a full recharge and replenishment click here and check out our retreat calendar to find a retreat that suits your needs. With Love, Team Suryalila

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