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What is 'OM'? a short explanation and how it can be used for your own benefit

According to the ancient yogic text - the Yogasutras of Patanjali - Om is the origin seed, or Bija, from which all other sounds and words come. Om is often chanted in yoga classes to tune into the higher self, connect to the universe, and deepen meditation.

So even if you only have ten minutes in your day, we recommend to try this simple ‘Silent Om’ meditation to send healing vibrations to your body - and out into the world. Here, Retreat Host and Sound Therapist Charmaine Berg explains how:

  1. Find a seated position with an elongated yet gentle spine. Relax jaw, neck and shoulders. Breathe deep into the belly space and allow your muscles to soften as you exhale releasing any residual tension.

  2. Take a gentle inhale through the nose and sing 'Om' on the exhale.

  3. On the inhale remain silent breathing in slowly and sing 'Om' softly and lovingly to every part of your body a few times on the exhale.

  4. Begin to draw your attention internally bringing a gentle hummm - mmmm, planting this seed of loving compassion into your heart on the exhale.

  5. Extend the silence between the soft 'hummmm'.

  6. Leave all sounds and dissolve into the silent echo of Om.

  7. Listen for the subtlety within the silence.

  8. Stay here meditating for as long as you feel called.

Post reflection. Ask yourself, or journal:
  • How did I feel before this practice?

  • How do I feel now?

  • What has changed?

Yoga Teacher and Sound Therapist Charmaine offers holistic treatments including yin yoga, bodywork, energy healing, sound healing and Rebirthing breathwork. Charmaine hosts retreats here at Suryalila on a regular basis. Check out our retreat calender here for a nourishing week of yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, river swims and many more relaxing wellness activities in the Spanish sunshine. And to find out more about Charmaine and to keep up to date on her offerings visit her website here.

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Meeloun Education
Jun 03

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