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Yoga Flash Mob in Seville

On Tuesday I participated in my first yoga flash mob after two weeks of intense preparation.I choreographed and cheer led the whole enterprise and thought that it went really well for a first try!

The timing was perfect as I have a Yoga Teacher Training Program happening at Suryalila. There are 31 Yogis and Yoginis here training with me, so I asked for volunteers to help with the flash mob. We had 24 Yogis and Yoginis participate in all.

We decided to do a 5 minute routine. There were three different sequences being performed. To open the flash mob we asked Alex, who is a gymnast in the training to do some somersaults to draw everyone’s attention.

We chose a busy spot near the cathedral in downtown Seville. Jennilee and I began the first sun salutation and then quickly two others joined us, then 6 more and finally everyone jumped in. It was a perfect day with beautiful early summer sun. This was an improvement on the 40 degree weather we had had a few days before when we were rehearsing in the parking lot at Suryalila.

There were a lot of spectators and it seemed they really enjoyed it. We added a little comedy at the end with Richard pretending to be an old man with a walking stick who wandered into our midst. When he got to the middle point he dropped his walking stick and went into crane pose. He then came down and shooed us all away(in Spanish!)

It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we repeated the whole thing at Plaza de Espana but it was a quiet moment there and not as effective, so we decided to stay with the original take. My dear friend Lisa from the Beeb did a great editing job for us and we are busy trying to get it to go viral!

If you would like to watch it please go here:

Also, please do pass this on to your friends whilst it’s hot off the press.

We are super busy at Suryalila preparing for a fund raising Yoga Festival on July 28 and 29th. We have all day Yoga planned and live music as well as food stalls and massage stalls. We are all looking forward to sharing yoga with a mostly Spanish clientele.

We are still thick in fund raising for the Om Dome Project and hoping for a visiting angel to manifest to boost our campaign!

Dome preparations are well underway as we meet with the builders for the platform and finalize the design of the Dome itself.

I have a little over a week of my training to go and everyone seems happy and making a lot of progress with their teaching.Suryalila is buzzing as we have a few volunteers in the office now helping out with marketing and we are busy sending out emails to Yoga teachers who might want to come here. Suryalila rocks!

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