Yoga Flash Mob in Seville

On Tuesday I participated in my first yoga flash mob after two weeks of intense preparation.I choreographed and cheer led the whole enterprise and thought that it went really well for a first try!

The timing was perfect as I have a Yoga Teacher Training Program happening at Suryalila. There are 31 Yogis and Yoginis here training with me, so I asked for volunteers to help with the flash mob. We had 24 Yogis and Yoginis participate in all.

We decided to do a 5 minute routine. There were three different sequences being performed. To open the flash mob we asked Alex, who is a gymnast in the training to do some somersaults to draw everyone’s attention.

We chose a busy spot near the cathedral in downtown Seville. Jennilee and I began the first sun salutation and then quickly two others joined us, then 6 more and finally everyone jumped in. It was a perfect day with beautiful early summer sun. This was an improvement on the 40 degree weather we had had a few days before when we were rehearsing in the parking lot at Suryalila.