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The Om Dome

Our Magnificent Yoga Hall

It was always part of Vidya’s dream to create the most magnificent Yoga Hall in Europe. 

Ganesha Yoga Shala

Beautiful Yoga hall with a wood and beam ceiling.

Ganesha Yoga Shala is our lovely secondary yoga studio, which is large enough to accomodate 

over 30 Yoga students.

The Moon Shala

Sustainable cob (straw bale and mud building) 

Designed and built by natural builder Tom Rijven and his inspiring students and friends.



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The Om Dome – Our Magnificent Yoga Hall!

The Dome has an underfloor heating and cooling system, a state of the art sound system and atmospheric lighting. It is fully equipped with Manduka Pro mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and eye pillows. We also have backjack floor chairs for trainings and lectures.

The outside of the Dome is being constructed to resemble a Nepalese temple with a golden stupa on top, prayer flags and the Buddha eyes. Inside the Dome we have built two long solid walls (so yoga students can practice inversions), which are beautifully decorated with a beautiful mural of Hindu and Tibetan imagery.

In the Dome there is a massive bay window overlooking one of our best views of beautiful rolling hills and a ruined convent. The Dome can hold around 60 Yogis very comfortably. It is also a perfect space for conferences and concerts and dances.

Vidya has been using Manduka mats exclusively for the last 10 years and both of our studios at Suryalila, the dome and the yoga hall, are equipped  with Manduka Pro mats.


Our beautiful Om Dome is perfect for hosting yoga workshops, kirtan and more...


ganesha yoga

Ganesha Yoga Shala – Our Beautiful Indoor Yoga Studio


Ganesha Yoga Shala is our lovely secondary yoga studio, which is large enough to accommodate over 30 Yoga students. It is located upstairs in the main house here at Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre.

It is a beautiful Yoga hall with a wood and beam ceiling and wood floors. It has windows on both sides which allow for plenty of light and air flow. There is also an attached balcony with beautiful views of the hills of Andalucia, Spain. A small alcove with shelves houses the Yoga props, and we have plenty of mats, blankets, straps, blocks, sand bags and eye pillows. Just outside the door is a mezzanine with couches for relaxing or having tea with a friend.


The Moon Shala

The Moon Shala is a sustainable cob (straw bale and mud building) designed and built by natural builder extraordinaire Tom Rijven and his inspiring students and friends. 


This wonderful organic structure is located in our olive grove with stunning views of rolling hills and a ruined monastery.

The Moon Shala contains Manduka mats and blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters for sixteen people, which it can hold comfortably.

Beautiful murals grace the walls painted by well-known yoga artist, Terri Duan. The floor in the shala is made from local pine and the wooden high ceiling resembles the inner structure of an umbrella.

The atmosphere inside the shala feels very different from being inside a concrete or brick building. It is as if the building itself is a breathing, living organism.

We are in the process of creating a living garden of succulents and other plants on the roof of the Moon Shala.  After the heat of the summer, we will also be landscaping around the Shala.