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3 Reasons to Solo Travel

We begin this blog with a real-life story from one of our guests.

It was a warm and hazy summer day. The sun was shining, and resting between yoga workshops and massage treatments, our guest was relaxing by the pool. As her retreat was drawing to a close the following day, she wanted to make arrangements to travel back to her home country. So, bikini-clad and still drying after a dip in the salt-water pool, she flip-flopped into reception to make a plan.

Our guest had never solo travelled before. She joined the retreat because her 11-year relationship had recently and unexpectedly come to an end. She came to Suryalila to heal her heart, reconnect with herself and find some alignment for what comes next.

Joining the retreat was a huge step for her. Her partner had often taken care of the financial side of life, making arrangements and planning for them. They did everything together; she now had to learn to be in the world alone and this was a daunting prospect.

Her journey home wasn’t door-to-door but included a few stops at different locations before her flight. The idea of flying solo in a foreign city with no taxi or transfer to take her to her destination, and no one telling her exactly what to do and where to go, was an upsetting prospect for our guest and made her tearful.

But like so many things in life, the idea was much worse than the reality. And what she got from taking the risk and diving into the unknown, was more than money can buy.

We called her before she got on her flight home. She was buzzing, smiling from ear to ear. She didn’t think she could, but she faced her fears and proved herself wrong. She felt confident, empowered and independent. A helpful experience following the breakdown of everything she knew to be safe and dependable. She started to feel excited for the next chapter of her story.

Doing it for yourself

Solo travelling is unnerving, especially when you’re not used to it. But, when you take the risk and step out of your comfort zone, magic can happen - not only in the new experiences you get to see, feel, and taste, but also in your internal world. The power that comes from proving to yourself that you can, overcoming your fear and stepping out in the world to do something for yourself. This builds confidence and satisfaction.

It turns out, the cliche phrase of going travelling to find yourself is based on something kinda legit.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, it’s amazing to travel solo, but sometimes it’s a truly welcome break to land in a safe and catered space. Travelling can be exhausting! Many times on meandering solo travel trips has refuge been sought in retreat centres to reconnect and rest ones spirit in soft bedsheets, smoothies, serene tropical pools and, of course, a daily dose of yoga.

There’s something so satisfying about knowing you’ve chosen that for yourself, to get away from the constant buzz and take your well-being on holiday.

So here’s our three top reasons to choose you, retreat yourself and travel solo this year:

1. Step out of your comfort zone.

‘’A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there’’ - Gina Milicia

Comfort zones are just that, comfortable. You’re competent, you know your place, and everything just works seamlessly. This cosy corner of life is a wonderful place to be, for a while, but the issue is...



grows there.

It’s familiar and unchallenging. You know what to expect. But sometimes the magic is in taking that step off the plane and into a new land, a new zone, not knowing where it will take you.

Stepping out of your comfort zone leads you to new experiences and horizons that will invite growth. Growth happens when you question the sameness and shake up what’s easy. It allows you to realise your strength and capability. Things that may have seemed frightening, like flying alone for the first time or eating for one in a restaurant, soon become a part of your life repertoire of independent feats.

2. Meet new people and gain new perspective

What if every person you come into contact with has something to teach you? When you travel, you open up your horizons to meeting more people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You just never know who and what will cross your path and decorate the course of your future.

Many who come to Suryalila are on an interesting journey with tales and wisdom to share. Conversations here are rich and compelling, planting seeds of insight that broaden your perspective and allow you to see things through a new lens. Many who visit meet friends or contacts for life.

‘’Life is about perspective and how you look at something... ultimately, you have to zoom out’’ - Whitney Wolfe Herd.

It’s easy to get lost in the push and pull of daily chores. Travelling solo provides you with the space and time to zoom out of your current situation and gain perspective. This brings clarity as you gulp the fresh air of a new dawn.

3. See the world!

An obvious one but an important one to share! There are so many jaw-dropping places in the world. The beauty of which can only be imparted by being there and feeling the landscape for yourself.

There’s that special feeling when you’re in a new country…the novelty, the newness, the smells, views, tastes, flavours, architecture, language - it’s a cultural smorgasbord of sensory pleasure, the feelings and memories of which last for a lifetime.

Travelling is expansive and empowering. We recognise that it can be daunting to take the leap and book that ticket away, but what you receive is unquantifiable. That’s why we’ve created the perfect package for your solo trip to Spain!

Retreat Yourself!

We offer three, five and seven-night Retreat Yourself packages which are affordable and full of nourishment, nature, balance and bliss. Our accommodation ranges from comfortable dorms, luxury glamping yurts and boutique eco-casas to deluxe double and twin rooms in a beautiful old Spanish-style farmhouse. You have the option to laze all day by the pool, or go on excursions in the local area to lap up the landscape and find hidden gems in the Andalusian hills.

Sandy lakesides, glowing white villages, al fresco cafes and crystal lagoons await. Followed by an easy transfer back to the retreat centre for an afternoon dip, gentle evening yoga, a deeply restorative massage of your choice, a delectable dinner and an evening spent under a sweeping southern sky glittered with stars.

We look forward to being part of your journey into the wonderful unknown.

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