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Introducing FLY: The FLY Mission Statement and core values

You might have already come across the three letters 'FLY' whilst browsing through our

website. But what do they actually mean and what is their connection to Suryalila? Here's a short introduction:

What is FLY?

Frog Lotus is a Yoga school for teachers. Founded in 2000 by Vidya, Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) is committed to turning you into a qualified yoga teacher and helping you gain the expertise needed to excel in the future. FLY focuses on teaching a dynamic, creative style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is safe and inclusive. The classes begin with pranayama, a long juicy warm-up, some standing flows, inversions (or options), backends, twists, and forward folds.

Did you know that FLY-style dynamic classes are taught every morning by various teachers here at Suryalila?

The FLY Mission Statement

The Mission of Frog Lotus Yoga is to be an authentic leader in the communication of the complete teachings of Yoga to teachers and aspiring teachers. Our goal is to create outstanding Yoga teachers who are self confident, humble and inspiring. We do this through offering comprehensive trainings and courses that have been developed and refined over a period of twenty years and by carefully selecting excellent lead trainers who are both knowledgeable and approachable. We are dedicated to creating Yoga Classes that are intelligently and creatively sequenced as well as being inclusive of different levels and with special attention to alignment, form and safety. We endeavor to create a meditative environment to offer a deep introspective experience to our students. We wholeheartedly offer our skills to our students and endeavor to teach in a simple, clear, compelling and effective style. We endeavor to walk our talk with integrity, humility and transparency, so we may be empty vessels for the transmission of the teachings in as pure a way as possible. We bow down to the teachings of Yoga with great devotion, gratitude and respect.

The fife Core Values of FLY
  • Standard of excellence: Highly effective trainings and courses for teachers and aspiring teachers

  • Intelligent and Creative: Skillfully teaching intelligent, inclusive and creative flow sequences

  • Safety and Longevity: Emphasise safety, accessibility and longevity for all levels of practitioners

  • Life learning and growing: Ongoing Mentorship, Support and Continuing education for all graduates

  • Philosophical perspective of Yoga: Complete teachings of Yoga beyond the physical practice to engender personal understanding and transformation

Curious now? Check our retreat calendar here to see when we offer our next FLY Yoga Teacher Training and earn your YTT certificate here in our beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Spain. Or check the FLY Website here for more information about FLY.

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