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Maggie Dunne: A Story of Mutual Gratitude and Success

Meet Maggie Dunne, a seasoned yoga teacher and cherished member of the Suryalila family.

Maggie has been running transformative retreats with us since Suryalila began 12 years ago. She is a valued member and vibrant contributor to the tapestry of our community.

Maggie's Reflections: A Leap of Faith

In Maggie's own words, her journey with Suryalila began with a leap of faith. At first, she felt sceptical about bringing a group from Ireland to Spain, but curiosity led her to explore our website and the gamble paid off! Her students were excited to explore Spain too and they found themselves at this magical place, minus the tents and yurts, with just the Ganesha yoga room and our refreshing swimming pool to cool off.

Maggie's leap of faith turned into a successful annual tradition, with each return bringing more joy, more students, and more shared experiences.

From Maggie's Heart: A Sanctuary of Transformation

Maggie beautifully describes the profound transformation she witnesses in her students throughout the retreat week. The stress dissipates, relaxation fills their bodies, and by the end, a renewed life force emanates. It's not just about yoga; it's the combination of relaxing by the pool, indulging in amazing food, enjoying massages, and soaking in the magical vibe that is Suryalila.

A Home Away From Home

Year after year, Maggie returns, bringing with her a growing community of students, both familiar faces and new ones from different corners of the globe. For her, Suryalila is not just a retreat centre; it's a home away from home, a place where she can immediately settle and centre herself in preparation to embrace the flow of her retreat and hold a nurturing space for her guests.

Maggie's Gratitude: A Heartfelt Thank You

Expressing her deepest appreciation, Maggie thanks Suryalila for being a beautiful part of her life and the shared moments with countless people. We're humbled and thankful to receive her and her group every year.

As we approach the New Year, Maggie's gearing up for another exciting retreat with us, and we can't wait to welcome both familiar and new faces once again.

Join Maggie's New Year Retreat at Suryalila

If you're ready for a transformative start to the New Year, join Maggie Dunne for an unforgettable retreat of self-empowerment, self-compassion and self-realisation with a lovely group of people. The retreat will be fun, relaxing and rejuvenating with lots of yoga, meditation and super healthy food. It's time to recharge and renew!

Maggie has been teaching Yoga for 14 years and has a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience. She specialises in mindfulness and meditation. Her yoga is gentle but strengthening, with an emphasis on mindful movement and body awareness. There is no pressure to do more, these classes are for you to tune into your own body’s needs and ability with an intention of relaxation, within this opportunity to strengthen and align to your greatest self. This retreat is suitable for all abilities and levels, If you want a retreat to unwind, relax and enjoy some quiet time in meditation this is for you!

Maggie Dunne's New Year Retreat: Your Invitation to Renewal

Name: New Year New You Retreat!!

Dates: 6th-13th January 2024

Book Your Spot:!!

Thank you, Maggie, for your trust and contribution to the Suryalila family. Here's to another year of shared magic!

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