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Nurturing Wellness Through Sustainable Tourism

The Suryalila journey over the years has been a testament to the power of sustainable tourism practices and our commitment to nurturing both the well-being of our guests and the environment.

The Harmony of Wellness and Sustainability

Suryalila is not just a retreat centre; it's a sanctuary where wellness and sustainability come together. Our dedication to nurturing the Earth while enhancing your personal well-being is at the core of what we do.

Green Investments at Suryalila: A Glimpse into Our Sustainable Initiatives

  • Danyadara Permaculture Project: At the heart of our sustainability efforts lies the Danyadara Permaculture Project. With this non-profit initiative, we're on a mission to reverse desertification by applying sustainable farming systems. Our goal is to create a thriving food forest, illustrating how healthy soil can be generated while providing a model for local farmers.

  • Organic Olive Farm: Our organic olive farm not only yields exceptional olive oil but also contributes to our sustainability goals. We cultivate these olives responsibly, minimising environmental impact. We are excited for this years harvest which will begin any day now. Keep an eye on social media @danyadarapermaculture to join our harvest this Autumn

  • Solar Power: Our commitment to clean energy is evident through our installation of solar power systems. We harness the sun's energy to reduce our carbon footprint and there's plenty of sunshine here at Suryalila.

  • Composting Systems: Waste is not wasted at Suryalila. Our composting systems turn organic waste into valuable compost, enriching our soil.

  • Greywater Utilisation: We make efficient use of greywater to nourish our gardens, demonstrating how every drop can count in water conservation.

  • Compost Toilets: Even many of our toilets are sustainable! They contribute to tree growth by providing nutrient-rich compost.

  • Syntropic Farming: Our vision extends to welcoming experts in syntropic farming who will be joining the Danyadara team in the coming days. This innovative approach will further enrich our permaculture efforts and support regenerative agriculture.

Our Commitment to Sustainability Extends Even Further into:

  • Welcome Meetings: Every retreat and guest is greeted with an arrival day welcome meeting where our front of house team shares a history of Suryalila and Danyadara, some practical information about your stay and an opportunity to ask any questions.

  • Mindfulness About Water: We are acutely aware of water scarcity, and we encourage our guests to conserve water during their stay.

  • Local, Organic, Vegetarian Food: Our food is sourced locally, is organic, and follows a vegetarian ethos, supporting local farmers and produced on our own organic farm tended to by the Danyadara team.

  • Shared Transfers: Our transfer partners arrange shared transfers when possible, reducing our collective carbon footprint when getting to and from the airport.

  • Waste Management: We have a comprehensive waste management system in place to minimise our impact on the environment.

  • Respect for Animals: Our property is a sanctuary for wildlife and domestic animals, and we uphold a deep respect for the animals that share our space.

As a wellness tourism industry leader, Suryalila has been recognised for its commitment to sustainable practices. We are proud winners of this year's TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award, a testament to our guests' appreciation for what we do.

Suryalila: Your Oasis of Sustainable Wellness

Eight Ways You Can Embrace Sustainable Living at Suryalila

  1. Buy Local Products: Explore our Shakti Boutique Shop, where you can discover and purchase unique products crafted by local artisans.

  2. Indulge in Regional Treats: Head to the Amrita Cafe for a selection of local wines, beers, sweets and treats that complement your dining experience.

  3. Discover Danyadara: Join our weekly permaculture tours at Suryalila. Experience the goodness of Danyadara with our range of products, including hemp creams and organic olive oil products.

  4. Enjoy Organic Abundance: Enjoy our delicious organic cuisine, either grown on-site or thoughtfully sourced from local farms, nurturing both your taste buds and responsible farming practices.

  5. Immerse in Local Culture: Join our excursions to nearby towns and villages, actively participating in and supporting the vibrant local culture and economy.

  6. Holistic Wellness Experiences: Dive into wellness activities like yoga, meditation, cacao ceremonies, weekly cookery classes and holistic practices that harmonise with the natural world around you.

  7. Champion Sustainability: Become a sustainability advocate during your stay by conserving water and energy, minimising waste, and embracing eco-friendly habits.

  8. Plant the Seeds of Change: Make a positive impact by contributing to our Danyadara Permaculture Project, joining our weekly permaculture tour and helping us grow a greener and more sustainable future.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of sustainable wellness tourism by immersing yourself in our upcoming retreats. A transformative journey, set amidst the stunning landscapes of Suryalila, is the perfect way to reconnect with nature and yourself.

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