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the magical effects of stars

Did you know that Spain is one of the best spots in Europe for stargazing?

Especially here in Andalusia, because it is the southernmost region in mainland Spain and therefore closer to the equator compared to northern Europe which enables you to observe a greater expanse of the universe.

What else do you need for a unique stargazing experience?

  • Weather conditions: Everyone knows that you cannot see a single star when there are clouds up in the sky. So good thing that Andalusia is one of the most rainless regions of Spain.

  • No light pollution: As Suryalila is located in the very rural hills of Andalusia, with no one else around, it is the perfect hideaway for the ultimate darkness of the night: You can see the stars the minute you step out into the night.

  • The view: Being here up in the mountainous hills gives you a great view not only for the sunset. It makes you feel closer to the stars despite them being actually 19 trillion miles or 30 trillion kilometers far away

  • Tranquillity: Here at Suryalila you can fully immerse in the starry sky without any unwanted distractions such as disturbing noises, unquiet neighbours or busy streets.

Above the garden of stillness, our mediation garden here at Suryalila, which is located at the very end of our beautiful premises, the infinite, starry sky stretches out endlessly over the andalusian hills in a region where you have barely cloudy skies.

Stars, Constellations and planets rise as soon as the spectacle of the setting sun is over and give beautiful images of the skies of Andalusia.

These are not only perfect conditions for passionate astrologers to analyse constellations but also for the romantics above us who just love to watch the twinkling stars to connect with the cosmos and the spiritual universe.

Observing the sky is a unique experience that allows you to forget about the daily grind, unwinds and replenishes to boost new energies because it is a very calming activity. It is the perfect time to let unwanted behaviours go and set new intentions.

“The starry sky here is so clear and the air feels sheerly pure here, because there is no artificial light, no distractions. Everything feels so uncluttered here, so you feel like you get the full picture. Even if you don't recognise the stars or you don’t know the names of the constellations, you can just melt in it and feel like you take a bath in the endless starry sky that feels like a blanket, holding you softly”,

says Anna, one of our recent guests.

The words to describe the sparkling, twinkling infinite stars may be different from everyone of us but we can all agree that a magnificent starry sky has the same effect: It’s warming the heart, lifting you up and let you sparkle from the inside. See below the video of photographer Michael Reilly who created a wonderful time laps of the starry sky above our beautiful Honeymoon Suite:

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to enjoy the stars as well as treating yourself to some nourishing yoga classes and healthy vegetarian food? Have a look at the retreat calendar here to find a suitable date for you or book an individual stay in our yoga hotel here.

(Insider’s tip: You can treat yourself to a stay in our Honeymoon Suite which is located remotely, far away from our main building for an extra superb nocturnal experience of stargazing.)

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Rokil Naro
Rokil Naro
12 nov 2023

A serendipitous discovery on a stock photo site led me to a captivating collection of human portraits. These plant silhouette images are not just snapshots; they are windows into the myriad expressions, emotions, and stories that define us. Perfect for projects seeking to capture the universal essence of the human experience.

Me gusta

Rokil Naro
Rokil Naro
12 nov 2023

Thank you so much for telling me. It's really something everyone needs to know.

Me gusta
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