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The Whys and Hows of Meditation by FLY founder Vidya Heisel

We all know that meditation is good for us, but in stressful and busy times, sitting still can be the last thing on our minds. Here Vidya reminds us why now, more than ever, we should make time for this calming practise...

Vidya, Why should I meditate?
  • To practice focussing the mind, refining your ability to concentrate.

  • To gain mastery over your own mind, so that you can let go of negative ideas or emotions more quickly.

  • To create evenness of mind so that the constant up and downs of life cease to disturb you.

  • To release stress and increase well-being and tranquility

How should I meditate?
  • By sitting comfortably with the spine straight, eyes closed and keeping very still.

  • By staying completely alert to whatever is arising in the mind and at the same time deeply relaxing.

  • By consciously noting, then letting go of any thoughts or feelings that arise. No need to push thoughts away or feel frustrated that you are having them.

  • By knowing that meditation doesn't mean having a blank mind or no thoughts, but simply changing your relationship to your thoughts and feelings. Assume the position of no relationship to your thoughts and feelings for the duration of the meditation.

  • By understanding that it doesn't matter if you lose track and start getting caught up in thoughts. As soon as you notice, simply come back to the present moment, without self judgement or frustration.

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