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Why walking barefoot can benefit your health

As we are slowly welcoming in more hours of sun every day, it’s the perfect time to set an intention to go barefoot in nature as soon as the temperature allows it.

We all know how liberating it can feel to walk barefoot on grass or on the beach. But, studies have actually shown that walking barefoot in nature can have various health benefits.

According to scientists, the reason why we may feel care-free and enlivened when walking barefoot on the ground is because the earth has electrons (natural energy), which we absorb into our bodies when we walk around barefoot for a natural energy boost.

Go barefoot for an instant health boost

Furthermore, research has also revealed that soil contains a natural antidepressant - the bacteria Mycobacterium Vaccae - which can stimulate serotonin production, making you feel happier and more relaxed.

So, the next time you go for a walk in your local park, forest - or even pottering around in your garden, slip off your shoes and feel the soil between your toes for instant feel-good vibes.

Be soothed by nature.

Here at Suryalila we are fortunate enough to be able to walk barefoot almost always at any time of the year due to the strong Andalusian sun. Feel any stress or worries melt away as you walk along the majestic Majaceite River under a canopy of trees, stopping off for a revitalising dip in one of the natural bathing pools. Or walk barefoot in our expansive permaculture gardens flourishing with olive trees and vibrant flowers with stunning views over the Andalusian countryside.

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Meeloun Education
Jun 03

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Michael Hood
Michael Hood
Nov 07, 2023

Barefoot walking is certainly very healthy. Walking barefoot on the grass helps to energize. I have seen many walking barefoot images and most people walk barefoot on the grass. I was very inspired by this and I also started walking barefoot on the grass.

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