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Yoga Teacher Special: How to be a good teacher

If you're a yoga teacher, you've studied, learned about yoga philosophy, how to guide a student through every asana and incorporated yoga into many aspects of your life. You've given free classes to your friends, your mum and even your granny but what makes your teaching unique, what will shine through to your students so they will want to come back to your classes time and time again.

Here's some tips from our founder and director Vidya Heisel on how to be the best yoga teacher you can be...

You don't need to talk all the time.

Remember that silence allows space for the student to turn inwards and feel what is going on in his or her own body and this is so important in yoga practise.

Savasana is always a good time to help people access a deeper level of consciousness and to let go of ego through your verbal guidance. Always leave a little silent space after guiding the students into a deeper space, consider reading your students an inspiring quote, something that speaks to you. This kind small but meaningful touch can be what makes your yoga classes stand out.

Put some energy into creating a pleasant atmosphere in the studio or room.

Burn some incense and candles. Play some good music which amplifies the atmosphere. The lighting in the room is important. Make sure the room is clean and that the temperature is right. If you teach in a warm, clean, inviting and beautiful environment, students will be drawn to come back.

Try to be upbeat and energetic with your language, so that your teaching is infused with positive Shakti energy...

Although try not to speak in a singsong voice that can become hypnotic. Be yourself and go with the flow of the class. All these small things create a whole experience for a student that will leave them feeling warm, happy and relaxed leaving your class.

For more tips watch this youtube video by Vidya click here or join us here in Suryalila for continuous education, for example in our frequently hosted Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. If you have any questions or queries in relation to the advanced training email us here.

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