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Organic olive oil

The land we steward here at Suryalila has nurtured olive trees for hundreds of years. Originally named ‘La Fabrica’, Suryalila was once an olive farm.


We endeavour to honour this rich history whilst nourishing our land, taking care of our 350 ancient trees so they continue to provide our community with outstanding harvest and flavour. Our non-profit permaculture team, Danyadara, diligently employs permaculture principles for every aspect of our land regeneration project.

Our olives are harvested by handpicking and shaking the olives off the tree into nets beneath. They’re then gathered into bags to be taken to the local mill for separating and weighing.


Our olives are rich and sumptuous in flavour and produce oil that we are proud to sell in our shop and serve at our table year after year.

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