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discover the magic of horse experiences at Suryalila

Riding with Conny you will see the real Andalucía, which most tourists miss.


Rider Weight Limit

Due to the advanced age of our horses, we kindly request that riders adhere to a weight limit of 65kg for two of our horses and 75kg for one horse. Safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we appreciate your understanding.


Safety First

For your safety, riding hats are provided. We also ask that you wear long trousers and closed shoes for your horse activities. To ensure that you are covered during your time with us, please use the provided QR code upon booking to check your insurance.

📞 Get in Touch 📞

We look forward to sharing these special moments with you! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a horse activity, please contact Conny at +34 610 505925.

We are so lucky to work with Conny Muennemann, who keeps her beautiful horses on the Suryalila Retreat Centre property. Conny has been riding and leading treks through this part of Andalucía for over fifteen years.

1-Hour Horse Rides: Connecting with Horses

Join us for a serene one-hour horseback ride through the picturesque landscape of Suryalila. Our gentle giants are more than happy to take you on a calming journey at a relaxed pace. You'll have the opportunity to connect with these magnificent creatures while taking in the breathtaking scenery.


Sunset Photos and Walk with Horses

Experience the special energy that arises when horses and sunsets come together in harmony. Join us for a sunset walk or a photo session with our horses (no riding involved). Bring your camera or smartphone to capture this unique memory against the stunning backdrop of Suryalila.

Holistic Horse Experience

If you're interested in a longer horse activity or a different experience, please don't hesitate to contact Conny or our reception. We are here to tailor your time with our horses to your preferences.

Connect, Ground, and Relax with Horses

For those looking for a holistic experience without riding, our horses invite you to connect with them from the ground. Touch, breathe, and be in the present moment with these magnificent creatures.

Horse Riding Experiences

Whether you’re already on a retreat at Suryalila, or staying as an independent guest, you can book an unforgettable horse riding experience with Conny through the Andalusian countryside. Her awe-inspiring sunset rides are not to be missed!


Horse ride
1 hour: 30€
3.5 hours on 3 days: 90€
4.5 hours on 4 days 120€

Horse riding Retreats

Ride, Hike and Bike: 4 days, 4 activities

  1. Monday: 1 hour horse ride – morning or evening

  2. Tuesday: 4 hour Hike El Bosque to Benamahoma and back (July/August 1 hour walk & visit to botanical garden, water mill and salt flats)

  3. Wednesday: 1 hour horse ride – morning or evening

  4. Thursday: 4 hour Biketour nearby greenway (in July/August 2 hour kayaking)


€200 plus price for accommodation & food at Suryalila

March – July/August – November/December

Horse riding and White Villages

Horse riding and White Villages

1. Sunday: afternoon or evening 1 hour horse ride
2. Monday: morning or evening 1 hour horse ride
3. Tuesday: excursion to Arcos de la Frontera plus 2 hour horse ride at EquiVentura
4. Wednesday: morning or evening 1 hour horse ride
5. Thursday: excursion to Grazalema plus 2h horse ride at Tambor del Llano
6. Friday: morning or evening 1 hour horse ride


€315 plus cost of accommodation & food at Suryalila

March – July/August – November/December


Days will start with an energising yoga class in one of Suryalila’s spectacular shalas, followed by an amazing vegetarian organic breakfast kissed by the Spanish sunshine.


The horse riding schedule will depend a bit on the temperatures and season, the 1 to 2,5 hour rides into the beautiful surroundings can be after breakfast, after lunch, or in summer even after dinner.

Suryalila will also provide you with a beautiful boutique room, 2-3 delicious meals each day and full use of all our facilities: 24/7 use of the refreshing salt water pool, outdoor meditation garden, yoga classes plus use of yoga props, access to 20 acres of gardens flourishing with breathtaking gardens and ancient olive groves, wifi, housekeeping and more.

We also have massage therapists available on-site to take care of you after those extra long days!

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For more information, prices and bookings, please email us

Don’t forget to tell us your name, height, weight and experience

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