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yoga teacher training

Yoga Alliance® Accredited, In-person & Online Trainings

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We teach yoga professionals how to fly and soar

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Join a Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training to become a yoga instructor or to deepen your own yoga practice with Suryalila’s Director, Vidya Heisel. Vidya runs her trainings here at her beautiful Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre. Vidya is a Master Yoga Teacher Trainer who has been teaching yoga for 45 years and training teachers for the last 22 years. Vidya’s Yoga Academy, Frog Lotus Yoga International has trained over 3000 teachers worldwide.


Founded in 2000 by Vidya, Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) is committed to turning you into a qualified yoga teacher and helping you gain the expertise needed to excel in the future. FLY focuses on teaching a dynamic, creative style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is safe and inclusive. The classes begin with pranayama, a long juicy warm-up, some standing flows, inversions (or options), backends, twists, and forward folds. FLY-style dynamic classes are taught every morning by various teachers at Suryalila. 

  • Learn yoga instruction from highly effective trainings

  • Gain in-depth yoga knowledge on alignment and safety

  • Teach intelligent and creative yoga classes for everyone

  • Continue learning and growing after your teacher training

  • Get a strong grounding in Eastern yoga philosophy

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