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Suryalila Olives: Harvest, History & Health Benefits


The land we steward here at Suryalila has nurtured olive trees for hundreds of years. Originally named ‘La Fabrica’, Suryalila was once an olive and dairy farm. A large onsite olive mill processed an abundance of olives every year, you can read more about that here.

Today we endeavour to honour this rich history whilst nourishing our land, taking care of our 350 ancient trees so they continue to provide our community with outstanding harvest and flavour. Our non-profit permaculture team, Danyadara, diligently employs permaculture principles for every aspect of our land regeneration project.

Check out our recent blog where we discuss the differences between sustainable production of olives against more traditional farming methods.


Our olives are harvested by handpicking and shaking the olives off the tree into nets beneath. They’re then gathered into bags to be taken to the local mill for separating and weighing.

If you’re interested in what happens at the mill, you can explore this more here. Our olives are rich and sumptuous in flavour and produce oil that we are proud to sell in our shop and serve at our table year after year.

Check out our olive harvest team at work, follow them on Instagram for more permaculture tips and videos ➡️ @danayadarapermaculture

A Brief History of Olives

Olives have long been cultivated and consumed for their health benefits and their adaptability in dry, Mediterranean climates.

Records including the bible and Quran, as well as pottery and art, date back around 4000 years. Probably much more. We know ancient Egyptians, Cretans and Minoans revered these trees and their produce. Old olive presses have been found in Greece, ancient Minoans deemed olive oil a gift from the gods and used it for soap and medicine, Egyptians famously used olive oil as a moisturiser and skin treatment, athletes applied olive oil pre and post-event as a way to minimise the build-up of lactic acid in their muscles. Olive oil was also used in battle to treat wounds, to lather on the skin to stay warm and as a fuel for oil lamps.


Olive trees are extremely hardy, their roots are able to withstand fire and flood, they're also highly resistant to drought.

They can live hundreds of years if not inhibited by disease, and are sometimes viewed as immortal. They grow in environments where little else can thrive. Olives and olive derivatives are widely cultivated across the world today. Spain is currently the leading producer of olives worldwide.

Olive oil includes around 75% monounsaturated fatty acids which help cut down ‘bad’ cholesterol.

They are high in antioxidants meaning they help to manage free-radicals which can cause deterioration and aging.

They’re anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin E and vitamin A, a great source of fibre and, if that’s not enough, studies demonstrate olives support heart health and reduce oxidative stress in the brain - which basically helps brain cell generation and survival!

Suffice to say they’re a great source of nutrients to have around.

Your Contribution Means The World 🌍

If you feel inspired to contribute to our non-profit permaculture project onsite then we can assure you every little helps as we work tirelessly to regenerate the land and begin to reverse the spreading effects of desertification in this region. Here's the link that will take you straight to our Danyadara donation page: 🌱

And if you're interested in getting your hands in the earth and contributing in person to this grassroots project then join us for our Yoga and Sustainable Living Retreat, 25th November - 2nd December 2023.

During your stay, you'll get an insider's look at Danyadara to witness the magic of permaculture in action and discover how conscious living can be a driving force in healing the world. Gain insights into how your choices can make a positive impact on the environment.

Your Soulful Retreat Awaits

Join us for a week that promises rejuvenation, growth, and connection. This retreat is open to all, regardless of yoga experience or background. Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner, family, or friends, you'll find a welcoming community here.

Enjoy the splendours of Suryalila's inviting saltwater pool, partake in invigorating sauna sessions, and bask in the warmth of our eco-friendly haven.

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