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Discover The Sacred Art of Cacao Rituals at Suryalila

Ceremonial cacao is more than just chocolate. It is a sacred plant medicine derived from the Theobroma tree (Theo: God; Broma: Food). As suggested by its name, it is cherished by ancient cultures for its deep cultural and spiritual significance. This tree and its precious fruit are native to Central and South American soils, rich in meaning and valued for their stimulating properties and connective power. 

Heart Medicine

Due to its potent physical and spiritual qualities, cacao has been infused into rituals for millennia, stimulating connection and communication between humans, animals, nature and self. You may have heard the term cacao used alongside the terms ‘heart-opening’ or 'heart medicine', often described as a way to connect with the wisdom of your own heart, as well as to connect your heart with the hearts of others in love and unity.

But there are also very tangible physical effects from ingesting cacao which, happily, help us cross the divide between body, mind and spirit, demonstrating that what is biologically stimulating can also translate to how we connect with our environment and the way we interact with the people and experiences we come into contact with. 

Cacao is a cardiovascular stimulator, it improves blood flow, reduces blood pressure, and improves heart function. Raw, unprocessed cacao is known to be one of the few natural sources containing the molecule Phenylethylamine (PEA). Ever heard of the love molecule? Well, here you have it. Ingesting cacao in as natural a form as possible amplifies the production of PEA in the brain which releases soothing hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. These hormones help us to feel at ease, relaxed, open and connected. 

Unlike commercial chocolate, ceremonial cacao is minimally processed, retaining its natural properties and energising quality. It's a real superfood, containing more than 300 components rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as copper, iron, chromium, calcium and manganese that improve our full body function. Cacao serves as an authentic boost for your brain and mood, resulting in more focus, self-awareness, clarity, positivity and happiness.

Honour and respect

Drinking cacao in a ceremonial setting should always involve a moment of thanks and respect for the land and communities from which the medicine originates. This act of gratitude honours the nature of cacao as a heart medicine, reminding us that we are all connected and highlighting the importance of intention and ethical conduct in all that we do.

Cacao helps us connect with Mama Earth, the source that supports all life. It can enhance creativity and help us feel uplifted and energised, able to share our true expression with the world and release blockages or limiting beliefs that may hold us back.

Have you experienced a Suryalila Cacao Ceremony?

Our passionate facilitator, Sara, had the profound opportunity to learn directly from the Tzutujil, a Mayan tribe from Guatemala. Each gathering is unique and based on the days of the Mayan calendar. In ancient Mayan tradition, time is cyclical rather than linear, and each calendar day bears a different quality such as wind or fire, which is applied as a guide and teacher through ritual events. This makes our Mayan-inspired cacao ceremonies so special, as each is focused on a specific theme connected to this deep ancient tradition for inspiration and wisdom.

We use ethically sourced, organic cacao from a Spanish provider, Amrita, which is known for its raw, virgin and powerful qualities. Set in a beautiful, mindfully arranged space, Sara combines ceremony, music medicine, song, journaling, movement, meditation, sharing and more. Every participant brings a unique energy and the ceremony is designed to reflect, integrate and flow with them all. You will be supported to connect deeply with your true nature, the seat of your essence. Sara guides you on an inner journey, inviting the energy of the sacred cacao to awaken your heart, mind and body on a journey of deep connection, self-discovery and healing.


Join us in ceremony and discover the inner growth, healing and transformation of this gentle plant medicine through the ancient modality of the cacao ceremony.

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