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Mind, Body, Breath; Fitness Retreat

with Liam and Niamh






Embark on a Wellness Odyssey with Liam, Niamh, and Special Guest Teachers

Get ready for an extraordinary wellness escapade at Suryalila, a tailor-made retreat crafted by the dynamic duo, Liam and Niamh Colfer. Collaborating with our friends and guest teachers from Prado del Rey, Alvaro, and Andres, this week-long immersion guarantees a harmonious blend of cultural exploits, rejuvenation, fitness, and a deep dive into mind, body, and breath exploration.

Your Wellness Itinerary: A Perfect Blend of Fitness and Relaxation

From the moment you step foot on our retreat, brace yourself for a wellness holiday that revitalises your mind, body, and spirit. Suryalila's serene environment sets the stage for a meticulously curated program integrating fitness, yoga, breathwork, and pure relaxation.

Daily Yoga & Breathwork Sessions: Kickstart your day with invigorating yoga and/or breathwork sessions led by Niamh and Liam. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a novice, each class aims to enhance mobility, strength, and inner balance. The Moon Shala, Ganesha Hall, and the iconic Om Dome provide enchanting spaces for your practice.

Fitness & Breathwork Workshops: Embark on journeys of functional breathing, breath awareness, and mobility training with Liam. Niamh brings her expertise to the forefront with workshops on better bone health, strength training using resistance bands, and myofascial movement. These sessions cater to all fitness levels, fostering a supportive and enriching environment for every participant.

Explore the Local Culture: Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Andalusia. Join us on a trip to the nearby pueblo for the annual Carnaval festival, explore scenic landscapes on a river hike and swim, and savor the flavors of traditional Spanish cuisine in our favorite rustic restaurant in Prado del Rey.

Nourish Your Body: Indulge in the goodness of Epic Suryalila Brekkies, specially crafted to fuel your day. Relish delicious vegetarian fare prepared by the talented Suryalila Chefs. Trust us; you won't go hungry at Suryalila.

Relax & Recharge: Unwind in the evenings with sauna nights, movie nights, and a bonfire night.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Retreat:

Join us on the Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Suryalila—a retreat that blends fitness, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Immerse yourself in challenging and enjoyable adventures, where fitness merges with relaxation against the breathtaking backdrop of Suryalila's landscapes.

Additional Highlights:

  • Ice Bath Experience: Revitalize your body and mind with a unique ice bath experience. Discover the invigorating effects of cold therapy, promoting muscle recovery and mental alertness.

  • Aerial Silks Workshop with Alvaro: Unleash your inner acrobat with an Aerial Silks Workshop led by the skilled Alvaro. Elevate your fitness journey with graceful movement suspended in the air.

  • El Torreon Adventure: Embark on an unforgettable adventure to El Torreon, experiencing the beauty of this iconic locale.

  • Suryalila Facilities: Enjoy access to Suryalila's facilities, including the pool, sauna, and the pagodas and chillout areas.

Fitness Level Requirements: While all levels are welcome, it's essential to note that a reasonable fitness level is recommended for full participation. A basic level of gym experience and good hiking ability will enhance your retreat experience.

Meet your Hosts:

Niamh & Liam have created a life centred around their love for travel, for movement and for community.

Liam Colfer: Your Breath Guide As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Breath Coach and Yoga Alliance-certified breath-work & mobility instructor, Liam breathes life into the transformative power of the breath. Hailing from the picturesque Hook Peninsula in the south-east corner of Ireland, his teaching style weaves knowledge through music, stories, and a touch of ‘craic,’ infusing every class with creative and inspiring energy. Believing that everyone should tap into their body and mind through breathwork, he imparts techniques that alleviate everyday stresses, grief, trauma, and anxiety and empowers individuals to control their bodies and minds simply by breathing. Join Liam on a journey of self-discovery, where breath becomes the guiding force toward a balanced and vibrant existence.

Niamh Colfer: An RYT-500 certified yoga teacher, a passionate personal trainer, a lover of Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, Niamh’s holistic journey began with a bold decision to embrace an alternative lifestyle. Balancing work, family, and the pursuit of strength, Niamh has reached National levels in Olympic Weightlifting and even competing in Irelands Strongest Woman competitions. Her classes blend strength and flexibility through yoga, gymnastics, mobility development, myo-fascial release techniques, breath-work, resistance, and body weight training. She emphasises listening to the body, fostering self-awareness, and infuses creativity into her classes. Teaching in Suryalila’s mesmerising spaces, including the Om Dome and Moon Shala, adds a touch of magic to her classes. Niamh’s teaching style, described as inspiring, practical, and down-to-earth, reflects her commitment to creating a welcoming space for practitioners. Her classes blend various training styles, focusing on alignment, mobility, and breathwork. Niamh loves to share her knowledge in functional movement, anatomy, and strength development.

Your Retreat, Your Journey:

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, this retreat is open to anyone seeking a long, healthy, and joyful life. Connect with your body, explore your breath, and ignite your inner potential in the breathtaking landscapes of Andalusia. Join us for a retreat that promises not only to invigorate your body and mind but also to equip you with a toolkit of self-care practices to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Reserve your spot now for a the Ultimate Wellness Retreat.



1:30 Lunch for early arrivals

7pm Dinner

8pm Welcome Meeting


8am Yoga & Breathwork with Niamh & Liam (a slow flow mobility class with Niamh followed by guided breathwork with Liam & optional cold plunge in the pool before brekkie)

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

12:30 Functional breathing and breath awareness. A breath-work Workshop with Liam

1:30 Lunch

3pm Trip to Prado del Rey for the annual Carnaval festival

7pm Dinner

8pm Sauna night


8am Breathwork & Mobility with Liam (& optional cold plunge in the pool before brekkie)

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

12:30 Better bone health and healthy tissues; An all levels strength training class using resistance bands with Niamh

1:30 Lunch

5pm Aerial Silks Class with Alvaro

7pm Dinner

8pm Movie Night: The Suryalila Movie


8am Unlocking the breath & body myofascial movement & self massage with Niamh

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

11:30 Gym Session in BoxZona with Andres

1:30 Lunch at Suryalila (or tapas in Prado del Rey after the gym if you wish to bring a change of clothes along)

3pm Cooking Lesson with Suryalila Chef Gemma in the Suryalila kitchen (limited spaces & pre-booking essential, extra €25)

5:30 Breath work and ice bath experience with Liam

7pm Dinner


8am Breathwork & Mobility with Liam (& optional cold plunge in the pool before brekkie)

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

11am El Torreon climb with packed lunch

7pm Dinner at Suryalila


8pm Dinner in Prado del Rey, an evening at our favourite rural restaurant Iptuci´s serving up local and organic farm to table traditional Spanish cuisine


8am Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Niamh

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

11:30 Gym Session in BoxZona with Andres

1:30 Lunch at Suryalila (or in Prado del Rey after the gym if you wish to bring a change of clothes)

5:30 Yin Yoga incorporating roll & Relax techniques using therapy balls with Niamh

7pm Dinner

8pm Sauna night


8am Better bone health and healthy tissues; A morning strength and relax class using resistance bands and therapy balls with Niamh

9:30 Epic Suryalila Brekkie

11am River Walk in Benamahoma / Local Hike to the convent ruins

1:30 Lunch

5pm Sunset Bonfire with live music jam

7pm Dinner & Goodbyes


8am Vinyasa Flow with Suryalila teacher

9:30 Brekkie

11am Checkouts

(if you wish to stay longer simply check in with reception)

Join our WhatsApp group to arrange car transfers or car hire together to lower transfer costs. Message Niamh on 


Deluxe Double Room (private bathroom)

Solo €1,570 / Sharing €1,395

Superior Double Room (shared bathroom with superior twin room)

Solo €1,430 / Sharing €1,290

Superior Twin Room (shared bathroom with superior double room)

Solo €1,430 / Sharing €1,290

Eco Casa Double or Twin (shared glamping toilets and showers)

Solo €1,360 / Sharing €1,185

Moroccon Yurt Double or Twin (shared glamping toilets and showers)

Solo €1,360 / Sharing €1,185

Mini dome Double or Twin (shared glamping toilets and showers)

Solo €1,360 / Sharing €1,185

Mini Dorm for up to 4 people sharing (own bathroom)



  • 7 nights All Inclusive stay (single or shared rooms) at one of the Worlds Best Retreat Centres, surrounded by rural landscapes

  • 3 Gourmet Buffet-Style Meals Daily. You are going to love the organic food on offer here and you will probably eat gluttonously because it is too delicious! Gourmet buffet style Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served each day. Inside and outside dining. Suryalila caters to vegans, non-dairy, non-gluten, and nut-free.

  • Daily yoga (number of styles), breathwork, fitness classes & workshops

  • Ice Bath

  • Water, coffee, teas, fruits, plant milks, fresh lemons and snacks throughout the retreat at your leisure

  • Full access to common areas and facilities – salt water swimming pool and eco sauna

  • Yoga Mats and props supplied by the retreat center

  • Day Trip to Prado del Rey Carnaval festival

  • El Torreon Day Trip with a packed lunch

  • River Walk at Benamahoma with a breathing practise and swim in the crystal clear water followed by a drink in the picturesque village.

  • Two gyms sessions at BoxZona Gym in the nearby pueblo Prado del Rey

  • Free WiFi throught the centre - choose to connect or disconnect

  • Fresh linen, shower, pool towels provided. Rooms made every day

  • Hairdryers

  • Attentive, experienced, and thoughtful retreat leaders available throughout to make your retreat holiday extra special

  • Open chats regarding anything health and fitness-related

  • Opportunity to meet amazing like-minded people, our incredible team, the local community as well as the incredible Suryalila team

The Classes:

  • Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditaiton, Breathwork, Myo-Fascial Roll & Relax Ball Techniques, Mobility Training, Animal Flow, Strength & Conditioning


  • Specialty treats, desserts, crisps, juices, smoothies, ice creams, specialty coffees, drinks, beers and wines can be bought from the on site Amrita cafe

  • Massage Treatments with our incredible team of therapists offering Deep Tissue, Thai, Ayurvedic massages

  • Have a browse around the Shakti boutique on site shop where you’ll find hair and beauty supplies, a range of beautiful Yoga clothes as well as yoga props, gifts, cards, books and jewellery.

  • Take a horse riding trek with Connie

Not Included:

  • Flights (best to fly to Seville (1hr away) or Malaga (2hrs away)

  • Transfers (but we will arrange them either with our transfer partners or car shares)

  • Meal at iptuci´s restaurant

  • Personal injury & travel insurance (recommended).

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