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Mindful Movement Retreat: Ignite your Enlighten Power

with Ana Nieto






What is your Enlighten Power?

Is it just me or does it feel that half of the population of this planet has been leaving us during the past few years?

I have also noticed how people have been shedding layers of themselves to re-discover their true essence and the important aspects of themselves they need to embrace to guide them in their lives.

Grieving is not easy and has many different layers.

I have recently experienced the loss of my father as well as a big evolution in my identity and my purpose in this life. Whether you are grieving loved ones or parts of your identity that no longer serve you, This retreat is for you.

This movement is not just the movement of your body.

But also the movement of toxins leaving your body.

Cleansing with the healthy delicious meals you will experience.

The movement of emotions and feelings moving through your system allows you to release and reclaim the parts of your soul that have been lost.

Also, it is the movement of the connection, love, and peace with the community we will be creating via ceremony and rituals.

You will experience:

  • Healing through Earth-Centered practices by connecting your spirit stronger with nature

  • Journeying into the world of your past, present, and future and find the messages you need in order to step into your full enlightened power

  • Cleaning your energy systems and allow your body to be a more clear and divine channel of energy

  • Letting go of unwanted feelings, emotions, and relationships by forgiveness, cutting cords and boundaries creation

  • Retrieving the parts of your soul that have been lost

  • Increasing your intuition and find the magic that life is

All this while having fun and connecting with others.



from 26 october to 2 november 2024