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Hiking and Yoga in November

with Lidiya Petkova






Hiking and Yoga in November 2024

To learn more about the HIKING AND YOGA RETREAT please visit:

We have prepared a unique Hiking and Yoga Retreat for all nature lovers. Discover the local treasures in the nearby Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema with the help of experienced guides while being in an environment where you can focus completely on yourself and be nourished and supported an all levels.

The goal of this retreat is to help you deepen your yoga and self care practice in a beautiful retreat environment while exploring the breathtaking nature of Andalusia and Spanish countryside.


You will enjoy two to three yoga workshops a day.  Accessible for beginner practitioners but also deepening and refining the practice of more experienced yoga teachers and students. 

Imagine starting your morning with meditation practices as the sun rises, followed by a superb energising yoga before a delicious breakfast buffet awaits you.  The more mellow afternoon sessions will be a perfect way to recharge and energise after the hiking activities and come back with well established self care practices.

The Yoga Classes and Workshops will be focused on Alignment, Restoring the body, Moving with Integrity, Powerful Breathing, Nidra and Sound Healing Practices. There will also be a fun and bonding Acro yoga class. Learn more about the style of yoga classes on the hiking and yoga retreat. 


The retreat will include hikes that are off the beaten track in the nearby mountains of Sierra de Grazalema which boast more than 200 species of birds, 40 species of mammals, outstanding Mediterranean flora.  It’s also home to the unique Spanish Fir.


On one of the days there will be an option to do a bird-watching tour and animal observation with special equipment and expert guidance.  All the activities are carefully curated to be both invigorating and relaxing. During some days there will be two hiking options provided – a shorter, easier route and more moderate, longer hike to suit everybody. 

  • Hike in the breathtaking Grazalema National Park with focus on Biodiversity and birdwatching

  • River walk and swim in refreshing rock pools flowing with pure mountain water

  • Hike from the beautiful whitewashed hilltop village into the mountains

  • Hike to a local village with a view over the stunning highest peak in the Natural Park

  • Permaculture tour around our 50 acres of land flourishing with organic vegetable garden, food forest, ancient olive groves and farm animals

  • Relaxing in the Eco Sauna and enjoying the Salt water swimming pool

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