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Mind-Body-Soul Retreat

with Maggie Dunn






You can expect a warm and friendly welcome from Maggie.

Maggie has been teaching Yoga for 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience. She specialises in Mindfulness and Meditation. Her yoga is gentle but strengthening, with an emphasis on mindful movement and body awareness. There is no pressure to do more or to push your body into anything, these classes are for you to tune into your own body’s needs and ability with an intention of relaxation and support within this opportunity to gently strengthen and align to your greatest self. This retreat is suitable for all abilities and levels. Be prepared to gently unwind, relax and enjoy some quiet time in meditation, knowing everything is an option you are welcome to do as much or as little as you like!

Mind-Body-Soul Retreat Summer Retreat!

7 Day Yoga, Mindfulness and Chinese Medicine Retreat!

Please join me for a 7 day Retreat at The Beautiful Suryalila. This Retreat will be a lovely mix of gentle yoga practices, silent and guided meditations and Yin and restorative yoga. I have been teaching Yoga Retreats for 15 years and I have created a retreat that allows space for you to enjoy the benefits of stilling in stillness at the start of our day. At 8am we begin our day with a lightly guided meditation practice to develop greater awareness of the mind and to connect to your inner stillness and enjoy time to reconnect. Then we flow with a gentle practice of yoga until 9.30am. All the practices are aligned to the time fo year and as a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine I bring these teaching into all my practices, so we will connect to the time of year and the organs that need more nourishment and work to balance out the yin and yang elements in the body at this time. All the practices are really nourishing for body and mind. In the evening we have a 2 hour restorative workshop that is simply around resting and replenishing and softening and letting go. All the practices are optional. During all the classes I will encourage you to listen to your body and do what feels good for you. I will encourage you not to push or force anything but to simply move with mindful awareness. We also have guided silent walks during the day and walking meditation in the garden taking our shoes off and slowing down to connect with beauty of nature and open our hearts and our minds. 

All levels welcome even complete beginners and injuries welcome. 

During our week there are different trips you can do from visiting cities nearby to little villages to trips to the beach. We always have so much fun. I have been teaching retreats at Suryalila for 12 years and every year is a new adventure. The food is fantastic and the Retreat centre itself is very well run and organised! 

During the week I organise 2 Flamingo dance classes at suryalila during our free time. These are optional, but the feedback is that it is great fun and super enjoyable, not to mention great exercise. 

If you would like to join me for this week please contact me at or at

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