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Summer Solstice Retreat

with Nichola O´Hanlon






Last year at the beginning of summer, In the midst of planning my retreat, the kids were wrapping up school, and truth be told, I was feeling devoid of energy.

Fast forward 2 weeks later.. I returned from a blissful seven nights away from home at the breath-taking Suryalila retreat centre, joined by 19 others, on the retreat I had curated for them.

Little did I realise then, I had orchestrated a retreat for myself as well. It turned out to be precisely what my soul craved.

Eight days of recharging in the sun, tuning into my body without the need to prepare meals for anyone, engaging in meditations, chair, hatha and restorative yoga, mornings and evenings, watching the sun rise and set, sharing laughter, baring our vulnerabilities, absorbing wisdom from fellow guests, resting, rejuvenating through sleep and sunbathing! Relishing delectable cuisine, embarking on adventures—most significantly, basking in the radiant energy of inspiring camaraderie. This experience is unparalleled in refilling my cup.

On my return, I was brimming with inspiration, peace, joy and feeling more attuned to my authentic self. The experience was a gentle nudge, reminding me that allocating time for ourselves is absolutely imperative and that doesn't have to mean foreign retreat; it can be as modest as a walk or meeting a friend for a cuppa—whatever aligns with your resources and schedule.

But it always begins with one thing: granting yourself permission.

Permission to prioritise your own well-being, sometimes even ahead of others. Sometimes it feels selfish but actually it's something you inherently deserve. Why should anyone hold greater significance than us? Who planted that notion in our heads? I just know whoever I take care of benefits more from me when I have looked after myself first.

Retreat simply put is taking a step back, stepping off our hamster wheel, slowing down,emptying and then filling ourselves- RE TREATing ourselves , looking after us, so that we can resurface a balanced version of ourselves.

If you think you might be interested in indulging yourself with a week of revitalisation with me this year? Immersing yourself in daily yoga, savouring exquisite gourmet vegetarian meals, and connecting with like-minded individuals, I'm excited to introduce my SUMMER SOLSTICE Spanish retreat taking place from June 15th to June 22nd 2024

Prices Start off at €1070 for shared accommodations.

This package encompasses lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner,all meditation and yoga sessions plus access to a saltwater pool.

For an extra touch of luxury, you can opt for additional experiences like massages, therapies, horse riding, and our wonderful day excursions, available at a small additional cost. Flights are not included.

If this resonates with you, don't hesitate to reach out via call or message. I am happy to chat and answer any questions without pressure or commitment.